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Diane Wing, M.A. 
Personal & Spiritual
Development Specialist

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Reveal Your True Nature, Evolve, And Develop A Deeper Connection To The Self

Wing Academy of Unfoldment is a virtual center for applied metaphysics and personal development, teaching students to be their own guide and creator in a way that promotes a transformational experience, a personal evolution, and an unfoldment of each individual in their own unique way. The unfoldment process – and it is most definitely a process, not a magic bullet - is the action of extending oneself beyond your former state, learning in a way that opens the mind, heart, and soul to new ways of thinking and being. To unfold, the process of shedding and removing old ways of approaching life is required in order to reveal the power inherent in your being.

Clients share their stories

  • Thank you so much for your help and guidance over the past year. When I end a session with you I am recharged, confident and focused. There is such a sense of trust and safeness with you that I become completely open to the process and I feel that your positive energy and intuitiveness have helped me in finding my true passion and I look forward to my journey with you as my coach and guide.
    Marilyn M., Limerick, PA
  • Diane is truly gifted with the ability to interpret what was going on in my life at the time of my session. After speaking with her, I was empowered to take back my control and redefine how I accept situations in my life. She also confirmed for me what I knew to be a reality around me. Today, I have the strength to speak up, fight back, and remove the negative energy. I trust that Diane will guide me with healing messages that are delivered through her interpretations.
    T. Allen, Blackwood, NJ
  • WOW! My experience with Diane was extraordinary. Diane helped me so much; she put a mirror up to my face so I could see the true me. She really listens and, best of all, with zero judgment. The homework…well it helped me grow in leaps and bounds. It felt like she traveled with me on my journey of self-worth. Thank you, Diane. I am a better person and I continue to grow.
    Kathy Sadler, Elkton, MD
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