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cropped-MeetingReLeaflogo8-1-12-copy_512x512.pngBeginning January 1, 2016, my company, Vibrant Concepts, is partnering with American Forests   Two percent of every product and service purchased will be donated to American Forests.  My deep love of trees, forests, and nature in general, led me to this organization.

American Forests are people who care about – and for – forests.

American Forests, the oldest national nonprofit conservation organization in the country, advocates for the protection and expansion of America’s forests. Since 1990, they have planted more than 45 million trees. They restore watersheds to help provide clean drinking water. They replant forests destroyed by human action and by natural disasters.

Check out their website at AmericanForests.org for the full story. I'm excited about this partnership and how all of us can make a difference in preserving and restoring the environment for people and animals while engaging with products and services that help you grow and transform.

Wishing you the very best 2016 imaginable!    - Diane Wing

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