Achieve patience through the power of acceptance

Diane Wing

How many times have you feverishly prayed for patience so that you could tolerate waiting for your plans to come to fruition, for that big break, or that right relationship? Those who exemplify patience do not outwardly react to their frustration; they give no indication that they are anxious for their will to manifest. Or we see those who patiently tolerate destructive relationships in their lives, waiting for the disruptive person to come around, realize they need to change or allow someone to help them. The patient person is resigned to what is. But it need not stop there.

To have patience, it is necessary to cultivate acceptance. This means knowing that things happen in their own time, trusting that what is for your highest good will manifest when the timing is best and when it will have the most lasting effect. Sometimes, what we've asked for is modified by the Universe for the better, and at that moment we realize that forcing our will upon the situation or hope beyond hope that we get a specific result is not in our best interest. Attempting to force our will is what creates impatience; trying to make things happen in our time, not in its own time.  The energy of this state is not submissive, a resigned waiting, but rather active in the sense of addressing that which is in your control and opening to the potential that exists beyond what is known.

So how do we work toward acceptance?

1. Think back to the times when you were impatient for something specific to happen, like a job offer or opportunity for a relationship, and when it didn't happen when you wanted it to, something better came about instead. Make a list of these moments.

2. Accept what you can't change; allow yourself to focus on the things you can move forward in a positive direction.  Don't force change.  Notice that this approach produces a calming effect on your mind and body.

3. Have faith that what is for your highest good is what will transpire in the time it is meant to.

4. Realize that worry, doubt, frustration, and fear blur your perspective and block the energy that will support the manifestation of your desires.

5. Release your attachment to outcomes and open to the possibilities that lie outside of what you are able to see.

6. In a difficult relationship, accept the person for who they are rather than trying to change them and decide if the relationship is healthy for you.  If not, consider separating yourself from the presence of that person.  No amount of patience or acceptance will help the person change unless they really want to.

Patience is facilitated through acceptance when you address the issues you can affect, let go of that which you can't, believe in yourself, trust in the Universe, and know that what is in your life is there to teach you what you need to know to reach the next level. Have faith that delays occur or circumstances are prevented in order to hold the space for what is for your highest good. Trust in the process and acceptance is inevitable.

There are times when help is needed to cultivate acceptance.  Life coaching is a way to accomplish more in less time than treading the path alone.

(c) Diane Wing, all rights reserved

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