What Influences You?

The Emotional & Creative Impact of Your Surroundings Remember when your parents categorized your friends as those who were a good influence versus a bad one? As a teenager, it's difficult to see how others impact your decisions and your mindset. In adulthood, it becomes more apparent that those you choose to have in our […]

It's Waiting For You

When you look out on the road ahead, what do you see? Do you see the potential of what awaits or do you see the difficulties of the present that block the vision of the future? The troubles currently in your life may include financial issues, challenging relationships, or a lack of motivation. While staying […]

Support Urban Forests Initiatives

Benefits of Planting Trees in Cities Cities need trees. The city of Baltimore, for example, estimates that its 2.8 million trees store 527 tons of carbon and remove 244 metric tons of ground-level ozone annually. It also estimates that its trees reduce energy costs citywide by $3.3 million a year. Forest restoration is a global […]

Weekly Wisdom - January 14, 2016

Greetings! The promising energies of 2016 are supporting long-awaited changes in the Forest Magick community.  This year, we'll bid a fond farewell to the old website and give a bright welcome to the new website.  What does this mean for you?  Easier site navigation and the ability to view on any device.  Also, after […]

Starting the New Year Right

Insight Stones Message for 2016 I asked for a message for us for 2016 and tossed the stones.  The photo above is the actual throw.  Given that I was asking for our entire community, I'm interpreting this from the perspective of the energies that are available to use this year and what we have the […]

Weekly Wisdom for 1/4/2016

Greetings!  Today begins the first work week of 2016, and I'm excited about the expanded potential and possibilities this year represents.  With each new year comes the opportunity to free yourself from the past and to reclaim your personal power. Numerologically speaking, 2016 reduces to a 9 (2+0+1+6), which represents spiritual knowledge, attainment, completion, and […]

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