Psychic Self-Defense

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We are exposed to a constant stream of energies; some are positive and others are negative or unwanted. This course will increase your awareness of these energies, what makes you vulnerable to them, ways to avoid these unwanted energies, and how to protect yourself.


  • How to avoid negative energies
  • Symptoms of psychic attack
  • What can make you susceptible to psychic attack
  • 12 Defense strategies
  • Energetic clearing of spaces and of the body

I have been a fan of Diane Wing's fictional and non-fictional writings and transformational work for many years and recently started Wing Academy classes. It has been a very challenging time in my life, being the caregiver for a spouse in chronic pain, and I needed something new and nurturing to revive me energetically and spiritually. So far, I have completed Using the Seven Directions to Balance Your Life and Psychic Self-Defense. The courses provide a practical framework and exercises for energetic cleansing, recharging and balancing Wing first introduced to me in her books The True Nature of Energy: Transforming Anxiety into Tranquility and The Happiness Perspective. I have been using her techniques daily for the last few weeks during my morning trail hikes. The benefits have been significant - I am clearer minded, more energetic, and far more aware when I encounter energies that are negative or vibrationally draining. I have been able to navigate my days with more conscious intent to avoid thoughts, people and things that were depleting me and focus on renewing my energetic strength and attracting positivity and harmony. I feel a sense of heightened awareness and ownership for my vibrational condition after adopting Wing's teachings, and highly recommend them to anyone seeking greater energetic balance and attunement. This is solid, transformative work that will bring abundant benefits into your life! 

Maxine Ashcraft, Oakland, CA
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Psychic Self-Defense

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