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What is grounding?  Grounding is a means of attaching your energy to the Universe and to the Earth.  By creating a connection both above and below, a conduit is formed to allow a steady stream of energy to flow through you.  In this way, positive energy flows in from the heavens and negativity flows into the ground. To attach to both is to know an intimate relationship with The Source of All That Is, while experiencing an extraordinary relationship with the planet. It is not always necessary to ground in both directions.  High intensity situations require that you ground mainly to the earth.  To do so stabilizes emotions and evens out extreme bursts of energy.

The importance of grounding:  Grounding techniques are essential to a psychic in order to maintain a high energy level during readings and to avoid illness after the event.   Before I learned to ground, I was reading at a large party.  I was booked for the cocktail hour.  The line was so long, that every hour for five hours, they asked if I could continue.  The crowd was demanding and needy. By the end of the event, I was energetically depleted.  I felt the effects of that psychic draining for several weeks afterward.  I was wearing black at that event, yet that alone was not enough to protect me, and I did not know how to ground and center at that time.

During a reading, there is the potential for the psychic to feel physical symptoms associated with the subject.  For example, if the person tends to suffer from back pain, the reader may also experience pain of a similar nature in the same spot as the subject does.  Grounding enables the psychic to avoid this type of pain transference.   In one case, I was reading someone and suddenly experienced a sharp pain in my head.  When I told the client what I was feeling, she told me that she is prone to migraine headaches, with the pain being most intense in the spot that I was feeling it on my head.  This has also occurred with back pain, sore throats, and panic attacks.  One client had a severe anxiety disorder and as I read her, I began to have difficulty breathing and I felt extremely nervous.  When I described the symptoms, she confirmed that this is what she goes through on a regular basis.  Had I grounded prior to the session, this probably would not have affected me.  It took 45 minutes after she left for me to fully recover.

Grounding Techniques:

Instant Method

One method that allows instant grounding to the earth is to simply feel your feet on the floor.  When we become upset, the energy rushes upwards, leaving the lower half of the body.  In order to redistribute the energy, it is necessary to first realize that most of your energy has pushed itself upward, then to become aware of sensing the ground beneath your feet.  Breathe deeply and feel yourself begin to calm down.  This method is also effective when feeling anxious or threatened.  It allows the body’s energy to root itself firmly in the ground and provides a stabilizing effect.

Personal Method

Being amongst trees is an important way for me to ground.  In the forest, I can attach my auric field to the trees on either side of the path.  That connection allows me to pull in fresh energy while dumping negative or stale energy into the earth through my feet. With each step, energy blocks are eliminated and replaced with the vital green energy of the trees.  The woods encourage my chakras to open wider to accept the life force of the trees.  The volume of positive energy flowing into me pushes away negativity and allows the light to flourish within me.  Not everyone feels the same strong attachment to the forest that I do.  It is important that you find the environment that resonates with your vibratory pattern.  You will know that you have found it when you experience a strong sense of comfort and openness.

Advanced Method

More elaborate grounding methods require at least10 to 15 minutes to perform.  Start by closing your eyes and imagining lines of energy emanating from your feet and moving downward through the floor, the ground, the layers of the earth, and into its core of molten light.  Begin to pull the orange light up through the layers of the earth, the ground, the floor, and into the bottoms of your feet.   Continue to pull the light up through your legs, into your torso, and up into your head.   Feel the bright orange light filling your body and the strength that it brings. Take as much as you need.  You are tapped into an unlimited resource when your energy string is plugged into the earth’s center.  When you feel filled to capacity, stop pulling the orange light, but do not disconnect from the earth.  This will help you to maintain a firmly planted feeling as you move throughout the day.    You are now grounded from below.  Next is to ground from above.  Picture a large column of bright white light coming down from the heavens and pouring down around your entire body.  Imagine being coated in this light from your head to your feet.  Make the light solid around your body.  Make sure all parts of you are covered.  Now encase the white light with a thin, solid border of bright blue light.  Beam the light out as far as you can.  Focus on making it brighter and wider.  Now your grounding and protection is complete.

With practice you will be able to perform the advanced grounding method faster and more effectively.  Try beaming the white light out farther each time, until you are able to touch objects several feet away on either side of you.    If done correctly, you will feel energized, calm, and stable.

Excerpt from "The True Nature of Tarot" by Diane Wing

The 10th Anniversary edition is coming out Spring 2021!

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