Growth and Transformation

Diane Wing

Growth and Transformation

As we grow and change, a transformation takes place. The transformation can take the form of letting go - of objects, beliefs, and relationships that no longer align with the energies of our new path. It can also take the form of a shift or modification in the way we approach our life, work, and relationships.

When I think of a shift, it is analogous to the body shifting and changing as we get older. Our clothes may still fit, but they do not look the same way on the body. Every time we go to the closet loaded with clothing, there is nothing to wear because the body has changed, yet the clothes are the same. This can only mean one thing: it is time to go shopping and purchase items that fit the body you now have! It also requires us to purge our current wardrobe to make room for the new.

Development requires change, sifting through what serves us on the path to growth, modifying our focus and in turn, creating new approaches that can help us serve others. Detachment from activities that create scattered energies is necessary to come fully into your purpose. When the time comes to let go, it can be a little sad, but essential, as fond memories can restrict us by holding us to the former paradigm of the self.

Attachment to that which divides our intention dilutes our efforts and inhibits our ability to move forward effectively. Ask yourself where your energy is going and whether that energetic output is having the desired effect.

This is an exciting time and the energy is high! I am so glad that you are a part of this transformation and powerful cycle of change and emergence.

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