Keep the Lesson, Lose the Drama

Diane Wing

With so much drama in society, the last place you want to experience drama is in your own life. Drama carries with it destructive energies, but as with all vibrational patterns, also includes a useful side.

Drama ranks at Level 6 of the Wing Vibrational Scale. Take the quiz to see where you're vibrating and if drama is part of your life. 

For our purposes, drama is an emotionally charged interaction and/or circumstance accompanied by a sense of agitation. Drama causes you to get lost in the craziness of others or to create anxiety-provoking situations within your own life. This effect can come from the past, present, or anticipation of future disturbances. Drama takes up space in your life better used to move toward a goal, learn a new skill, or just have fun.

The thing is, drama teaches lessons not available in other ways. The key is to keep the lesson and lose the emotionality that goes with it. If you find yourself clinging to the negative emotions that result from a turbulent relationship or situation, the lesson is lost. Instead, take a step back from the anxiety and consider what you've learned from the encounter to avoid future heartache and disruptive energies. It helps you understand what you're willing to tolerate and how you want to live your life. Would you rather experience calm and peace or does drama serve you in some way? 

The people who bring drama with them cause you to feel exhausted, frustrated, and anxious. If you bring drama with you into the lives of others, you'll find people moving away from you. They may not call as often as they used to nor invite you out. It may be time to update your approach to avoid highly charged emotional situations and embrace a more serene way of being.

Here's how to clear it if it comes from others:

  • Dump the old energy into the ground, pull in fresh earth energy, and protect with white light. Click here for the details of this process. 
  • Refuse to participate in the drama. When people bring their drama and try to suck you in, excuse yourself, choose to disconnect, limit the time spent with that person, and/or do not engage in any activity where the drama may erupt.
  • Don't argue with people who cannot be swayed.
  • Hang out with people who are calm and happy with their lives.

If it's coming from you:

  • Once again, start by doing the dump, ground, and protection exercise.
  • Decide that you want to live a calmer, more peaceful life.
  • Generate alternatives to how you're behaving and what you're engaging in.
  • When you find yourself complaining, becoming angry, or judging, recognize that you're doing it, and then breathe deeply, feel your feet on the floor, and visualize your happy place. Calm your own energy to bring peace to the overall situation.
  • Don't engage others in arguments or talk about loaded subjects that set people off.

Removing drama from your life increases your vibrational level, brings peace to your life, and gives you a happier, brighter outlook. It allows you to keep the lesson and lose the emotionality associated with it.

Wishing you peace and joy!

Diane Wing

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