Aaran Sohl

Aaran began awakening as an empath and intuitive at age 15. Along the way, Aaran apprenticed with healers, spiritual teachers and shamans from a variety of traditions. Aaran is also the author of Empath to Mystic, the creator of the Intuition Quiz, and the The voice of Awakening to the Mystic, a system of spiritual […]

Brian Shell

Brian Shell began his career as an electrical engineer but became the author of over 30 books, as well as a musician.  We discuss hitting life’s pivot points and making a leap of faith when it's time.  Brian sheds light with witty insight on the concept of the "soul acorn," how we grow into what we're meant to become, what […]

Cat Magic with Deborah Blake

Deborah Blake is the author of many books with her latest being The Little Book of Cat Magic. In this interview, we talk about the magic and lore of cats and how those with cats can help, protect, and recognize their magic. She reveals the relationship she had with her black cat, Magic, and how she and Magic […]

Michael Bodine

Michael Bodine is a professional psychic whose clients include many celebrities. He is also the author of A Psychic's Life: What It's Really Like. Join us for this entertaining and candid interview as Michael Bodine discusses living in a haunted house, growing up around psychics, and the challenges of being a psychic, along with red […]

Food as Medicine with Jeannie Francis

Diane Wing interviews herbalist, Reiki Master, and reflexologist Jeannie Francis. Today we’ll talk about how nutrition can keep our body and vibration in balance. To ensure we fully experience the journey of mind, body, and spirit we must keep all three in total alignment and balance. When any or all three of these are out of […]