Michael Bodine

Michael Bodine is a professional psychic whose clients include many celebrities. He is also the author of A Psychic's Life: What It's Really Like. Join us for this entertaining and candid interview as Michael Bodine discusses living in a haunted house, growing up around psychics, and the challenges of being a psychic, along with red […]

Food as Medicine with Jeannie Francis

Diane Wing interviews herbalist, Reiki Master, and reflexologist Jeannie Francis. Today we’ll talk about how nutrition can keep our body and vibration in balance. To ensure we fully experience the journey of mind, body, and spirit we must keep all three in total alignment and balance. When any or all three of these are out of […]

Addictions with Author David Clarke

This very candid interview with author David Clarke reveals the painful journey of alcohol and sexual addiction and ways to recognize and overcome these toxic behaviors. He has poured his years of intense experiences into his first novel, Shades of Gay.

Healing with Past Lives with Marilou McIntyre

Dr. McIntyre is the author of three books about her search for God and developing the ability to help people heal phobias and addictions through recognizing the role their past lives play in the present.Her books provide road maps to help anyone achieve health, wealth and happiness.

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