Alyssa Couture - Healthy Fashion

Alyssa Couture (yes, that's her real name; perfect for fashion!) is a fashion author and fashion entrepreneur. She feels fashion is an opportunity to attain health and healing. In this episode, we discuss which fabrics encourage health in mind, body, and spirit and how to manage toxins in your wardrobe, and she gives her intuitive […]

Diane Wing Interviewed on Our Daily Magic

Thanks to Kaí and Dell Henderson for their hospitality and a great conversation as we talk about the magickal side of life, how to tap into your inner magick, and how there's no wasted time! We discussed how to balance who you are with what others want from you and ways to identify your true […]

Murray Du Plessis - Modern Meditations

Murray Du Plessis has studied and taught meditation for fifteen years and assisted the running of meditation centers in England, Burundi, Namibia, and South Africa. He has an MA in English education and is currently an assistant professor of English at Daegu University. He lives in Gyeongsan, South Korea. He’s with us today to talk […]

Rajan Shankara - Dark Night of the Soul

Today my special guest is Rajan Shankara. He left the world at 19 years old to become a monk and study his mind, find out what meaning and purpose were, and if meditation could take him to higher states of consciousness. Rajan studied theology, philosophy, and psychology while surrounded by renowned experts on the mind, body, […]