Meditations for Psychic Development - Chanda Parkinson

Chanda Parkinson is a psychic intuitive who has worked as a spiritual mentor, speaker, and tarot reader for fifteen years. She has helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals and restore energy in their lives. Visit her at In this episode, we discuss her new book, Meditations for Psychic Development: Practical Exercises to Awaken […]

Dynamics of the Greater You with Donna Seebo

Donna Seebo is an international mental practitioner, counselor, speaker, teacher, award-winning children's book author, minister, radio/TV personality, and talk show host/producer of The Donna Seebo Show and Warriors for Peace daily program. Join us for this empowering discussion about letting go of fear and anger, the uses of adversity, following your own path, and the […]

Tarot by the Moon with Victoria Constantino

Victoria Constantino is a longtime tarot practitioner and seeker of visionary wisdom from the South. She spent more than a decade as an editor and publisher of literary fiction and nonfiction and was the managing editor for a prominent women’s lifestyle magazine. She left the field of publishing to focus on her writing and spiritual […]

Medical Reiki with Raven Keyes

Raven Keyes, CMRM, RMT, author of Medical Reiki, A Groundbreaking Approach to Using Energy Medicine for Challenging Treatments is the founder of Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International (RKMRI™). The first to bring Reiki into the operating room of Dr. Mehmet C. Oz, Raven is presently working with surgeons that include Dr. Sheldon Marc Feldman of […]

Kai Henderson - Tarot as a Source for Miracles

Today my special guest is Kai Henderson. Kaí has lived her life following intuitive nudges from SPIRIT which have led her on a wild adventure to study all over the world from Mexico to China.  This journey led her to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, live on a 100-acre healing herb farm, ride her […]