Dr. Suzanne Walski, Holistic Veterinary Interventions

Today my special guest is Dr. Suzanne Walski. She’s a graduate of Michigan State University Veterinary School. Dr. Walski began her career in a traditional veterinary practice and then opened a traditional care facility of her own called Meadowbrook Animal Hospital in Ottsville PA. Sue started adding complementary modalities in 2000 and became certified in […]

Diane Wing - The True Nature of Tarot 10th Anniversary Edition

Kac Young, Ph.D. interviews Diane Wing about her new book, The True Nature of Tarot: Your Path to Personal Empowerment 10th Anniversary Edition. We discuss how tarot empowers you, how to get started doing your own readings, ethical considerations, and what to do when you have a scary reading. Everyone has intuitive ability, and we […]

Joann Calabrese - Growing Mindful

You'll never look at the plant kingdom the same way after listening to our conversation and my guest's enlightened perspective. Joann Calabrese is a skilled wellness, mindfulness, and recovery educator. She is a lifelong organic gardener and herbalist, experienced in meditation, ritual work, qigong, and tai chi. Her passion is sharing how these intersecting practices can […]

Dr. Ken Doka - When We Die

Please join me for an enlightening conversation with Dr. Ken Doka, author of When We Die: Extraordinary Experiences at Life's End. Dr. Doka is a professor of counseling and a leading authority on issues involving death, dying, and grief. He has edited or written over 35 acclaimed books on death-related subjects, including Grief is a […]

Lynn McKenzie - Animal Intuitive

Lynn McKenzie’s greatest passion lies in helping others attune to the magic, insight, and wisdom that all sentient beings wish to share with humanity. Training over 100,000 students in 52 countries, over the past 30 years through her signature Animal Energy® Certification Training program, Lynn has built a stellar global reputation, helping others identify, foster and embody […]

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