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Better than a New Year's Resolution

What's better than a New Year’s resolution? Exponentially increase your odds of success by trying this instead. How many times have you made a resolution—at any time of year—only to fail to reach your goal or keep your promise to yourself? That promise is your resolution, the solution to your problem. Losing weight, quitting smoking, […]

In Our Separateness, We are Together on this Path

While each person's circumstances are different, the unknown and unpredictable nature of our global health crisis is manifesting in generalized anxiety. Let's see what we can do to mitigate the heaviness of this energy and lift the vibrational frequency of the world to help everyone deal with this more effectively. Major changes call for major […]

What is this Time of Turbulence Really About?

We are in a time of profound transformation. The turbulence we’re experiencing serves as an energetic eruption designed to create change within ourselves and in society. When we push down troublesome issues for too long, pressure builds and results in an explosion meant to clear the way for fresh ideas and ways of living and being. […]