What is this Time of Turbulence Really About?

Diane Wing
We are in a time of profound transformation. The turbulence we’re experiencing serves as an energetic eruption designed to create change within ourselves and in society. When we push down troublesome issues for too long, pressure builds and results in an explosion meant to clear the way for fresh ideas and ways of living and being. We are different AND the same. Our paths converge. Every action by the individual affects the societal group. Awareness of the energy we create and sustain is essential.

Uncertainty breeds fear, which leads to attempts to control. Increasing resources to deal with extreme emotions, mental health, healthcare, homelessness, personal safety, and food insecurity would go a long way in reducing anxiety and the outbursts that go along with it. We are in a humanitarian crisis, a crisis of the mind, body, and spirit, making it more urgent than ever to lift one another. It’s time to talk together, listen to each other, and come up with solutions for the highest good.

The idea of civilization includes the word "civil" meaning consideration of others in addition to the development of culture, striving toward quality of life, and acquiring knowledge. Part of the process is to recognize the consequences of our actions not only to ourselves but to society at large. Understand the outrage being expressed in society and serve to alleviate the source.
Needed Change

There is no doubt that major change is needed, but what type of change? The shift starts within us, with our beliefs and intentions. If there is no inner peace, there is no peace in the external world. Each of us carries the burden of reconciling our own lives with our feelings, energies, and actions. When we project understanding, care, and empathy for ourselves and those around us in the context of society, awareness increases, and our actions follow for the highest good.

The depth of the needed change correlates to the intensity and length of the disruption. We are addressing deep-seated issues that have lingered far too long. The old way isn't working. It's time to strive for significant change. We have choices to make as a society and as individuals. To what standards shall we hold ourselves and our leaders?

Strip away the labels of what is occurring and take a look at the path we're on. Displays of violence and cruelty toward each other, animals, and nature have no place in our own lives, our society or the global community. Mindsets that include racism and inequality need to shift.  Cruelty toward those with no voice must end. The old authoritarian paradigm where some feel superior to others is outdated and inadequate to move us forward.

With change comes growth and expansion, but the biggest changes can be painful. To manage that, identify a spiritual practice that calms you and know you have the ability to create positive change. It’s about embracing the truth and what kind of world we want to live in for the benefit of all life.

Start a chain reaction of kindness and wisdom one small act at a time. Determine what you stand for. For what cause can you raise awareness or take steps to remedy? There is no shortage of opportunities to increase kindness and minimize cruelty. Each of us taking on our biggest concern makes it less overwhelming to deal with than when they are all lumped together, making significant changes feel out of reach. 

How can we intervene when there is suffering? What actions are necessary to increase joy and peace in the world? Take stock of what you're most grateful for and how you and bring that kind of relief and appreciation to others. What do you value? What is your vision of the future?

These acts of reverence include plant and animal life. Plant more trees, for they provide uplifting energy, oxygen, and beauty. Revere the wild and domestic animals rather than hunting them, abusing them, and taking away their habitats.
The Move from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age

You've heard that we are moving from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian. We are coming into a time of banishing the darkness by beaming out light, evolving into an enlightened state of awareness. We're transitioning into a time of innovation through radical thought and action. 

Piscean values of materiality and patriarchy are being replaced with Aquarian values of group connection and integrity. Moving through this time calls us to create harmony within and proceed in a balanced way. The shift is accelerating with the actions of the old way culminating in detriments for the masses. The anger has festered below the surface and can no longer be pushed down. The time has come to challenge the systems and ideas that put us in a state of distress. 

The shift into Aquarian values includes revolutionary change away from Piscean values that include rigid societal structures. Pisces is about submission and compassion while Aquarius is about idealism and oneness. The remnants of the Piscean Age encompass the need to believe in something outside yourself, and Aquarius is about moving into accepting the self and having knowledge as the great equalizer. 

Groups are banding together for the common good. We’re feeding the hungry. We’re talking about what to do about the homeless problem. We are networked to share information, take part in discussions, and connect resources to address important issues. We are unifying behind issues about the treatment of people, animals, and nature. The old money-and-power paradigm is being replaced with ethics and love. More people are standing up for those without a voice. 
Have Faith

In the last survey I sent out, I asked what spiritual struggle is most prominent in your life. My community responded that it is hard to maintain faith–faith in Spirit, faith in circumstances working out, and faith in themselves.

To me, faith is tied to trust in the belief that Spirit has a greater plan than we can know. All that is happening in the world right now produces a shift of global proportions toward the betterment of humanity and all creatures of Earth. We are privileged to be part of this change and have the ability to create a world for the good of all.

Let’s make the most of this opportunity and embrace love, kindness, and compassion each day through our actions and interactions. We are part of a bigger plan. It’s time to strengthen our connection to Spirit and act in accordance with Divine Will. 
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