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Using Intuition to Navigate Daily Life

We all have intuitive abilities, yet many people struggle to open to this natural part of themselves. Even those who are awakening to these gifts have difficulty trusting their inner guidance. We were given this inner compass to help us smoothly navigate our life path. This course will help you develop your intuitive abilities and […]

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Developing Energetic Awareness to Transform Anxiety into Tranquility

You'll be guided through the energetic levels of the Wing Vibrational Scale and increase your awareness of the energies within and around you to reduce drama and attract lighter, more positive vibrations into your life. This is a foundational module that everything else is built on. This course discusses the sources of energy, increases your […]

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Discovering Your Life Purpose: The Path to Karmic Fulfillment

Many people are searching for direction, their purpose in life, their spiritual path, their true calling. You may be one of the ones searching or you may know someone who is. It’s an uncomfortable place to be, isn’t it? Not knowing who you are or what meaning your life has. “Why am I here” is […]

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Putting Yourself First... Without the Guilt

Are you too tired to take care of yourself because you are so busy helping everyone else? Do you say yes when you really want to say no? In this workshop, learn the role you play in your relationships, learn why taking care of yourself first is essential if you want to help others, set […]

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What is your Wing Archetype?

Courses at Wing Academy are categorized by which archetype they serve. The track that attracts you is aligned with what you seek to achieve. 

Personal growth 
and practical spirituality

Wing Academy Archetype: Creative Explorer

Conscious Voyager

Motivated to go deep within, you strive to be mindful of how your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions affect actions and choices. You take responsibility for creating what is in your life.

Self-expression and alignment

Wing Academy Archetype: Spiritual Adventurer

Creative Explorer

You are inspired by the world around you,  seeking new ways to express yourself. You want freedom to cultivate your skills in a way that feels most unique and natural to you.

Energetic and Intuitive development

Spiritual Adventurer

You walk to the beat of her own drum.  You are open to all spiritual paths and are interested in finding gems of wisdom held within each.
Discover your Wing Archetype

Ignite the flame of inner magick

Reveal your true nature, evolve, and develop a deeper connection to the Self

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Ignite the flame of inner magick

Reveal your true nature, evolve, and develop a deeper connection to the Self

Wing Academy of Unfoldment is a virtual center for applied metaphysics and personal development, teaching students to be their own guide and creator in a way that promotes a transformational experience, a personal evolution, and an unfoldment of each individual in their own unique way. The unfoldment process – and it is most definitely a process, not a magic bullet - is the action of extending oneself beyond your former state, learning in a way that opens the mind, heart, and soul to new ways of thinking and being. To unfold, the process of shedding and removing old ways of approaching life is required in order to reveal the power inherent in your being.

Wing Academy Philosophy

As an Adept, learning becomes application, which then turns to wisdom


As the founder of the school and author of the courses, Diane Wing’s philosophy is to ensure practical application and integration of spiritual concepts and the unification of spiritual understanding and your unique perspective into every aspect of life, rather than experiencing it as a separate practice and following a predetermined map. We are dedicated to bringing you knowledge that encourages your personal and spiritual growth and unique blossoming and unfoldment.

If you’re tired of skimming the surface and are ready to truly evolve and change at a core level, it’s time to get started. It’s about going deeper and seeing the patterns of your life. Move past the commonplace and experience your life as an extraordinary adventure.

  • Connect the material to daily life
  • Increase self-trust and self-confidence
  • Discover and expand your unique perspective
  • Reduce anxiety and achieve calm certainty
  • See yourself and the world differently
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