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Creative ExplorerTM

Wing Academy of UNFOLDMENT

Creative ExplorerTM

The Creative Explorer™ is inspired by the world around her and seeks new ways to express herself. She likes to discover herself through creative self-expression. She likes to explore ideas, as well as physical locations. She doesn’t like restriction and wants the freedom to cultivate her skills and vision in a way that feels most unique and natural to her.

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Creative ExPlorer

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Work Life

Meditation track

Meditation is a great way to take a break from the noise of daily life. It reduces stress, enhances well-being, and clears the mind. These meditation courses are designed to give you a broader view of meditation and easy ways to reap the rewards of regular meditation.

Work Life track

Your business is a reflection and creative expression of who you are. Show your clients who you are and what you represent with these courses for the spiritually-based entrepreneur.

Writing track

The written word is an amazingly powerful means of self-expression. Whether getting the most out of journaling or writing the stories that have been inside you for way too long, these courses help you eloquently and effectively express yourself.

Nature track

Connection to nature is essential for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. It is part of who we are as a species and helps us recharge and release dense energies.

Self-awareness track

The Self-awareness course track is designed to enhance your capacity for introspection and to recognize who you are separate from outside influences of people and environment. Understand who you are at the core, so you can confidently be yourself in all circumstances.
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