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Spiritual AdventurerTM

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Spiritual AdventurerTM

The Spiritual Adventurer™ is the pioneer, always looking toward the next horizon. She is self-sufficient and walks to the beat of her own drum in search of unique ways to create the life she envisions for herself. Willing to do the work, she is on a constant quest for knowledge that comes from a variety of spiritual traditions and approaches. She stands apart in her own mind, determined to be exactly who she is without compromise. She is open to all spiritual paths and is interested in finding gems of wisdom held within each.

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Spiritual Adventurer

Course Series

Mystical Arts

Mystical Arts track

The mystical is that which is underlying the physical world; mystical arts seek to attain hidden knowledge and use it to produce desired effects whether within the practitioner or external to her. The mystic attempts to understand the mechanisms of the relationship between humankind and the divine nature, connect with Spirit, and uses correspondences to bring forth and connect with certain energies that align with the practitioner’s intent.

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Astrology track

Astrology is a powerful tool of self-awareness and holds the key to patterns in your life. This course series teaches you how to read and make sense of the symbols on the chart and understand the many layers of information contained within it.

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Intuitive Development track

We all have six natural senses, not just the five that are generally accepted. Everyone has intuitive ability. It may be called “a gut feeling,” instinct, or “a feeling,” but it all boils down to the same thing: the ability to get information from seemingly intangible sources. These courses are designed to help you get the most out of your natural ability and use it on a regular basis.

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Spirituality track

Spirituality takes many forms, from formal practice to unique, personal expressions of belief. It is about the connection with the Divine and the role that Spirit takes in your life. These courses will help you explore various spiritual practices and beliefs, while helping you shape your own beliefs about, definitions of, and connections with the Universe/Spirit/God/All That Is.

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Tarot track

Tarot is a book of metaphysics, not a predictive tool, but rather a gateway to open us to the potential of who we are; show us the way to apply occult philosophy to manifest our desires and overcome challenges; and to tap into the Universal Energy. It is a boundless tool that allows the reader and the inquirer to tap into ancient wisdom and natural intuitive ability that promotes deep transformation of the self.

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