20 Ways to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

Diane Wing

Lots of folks are feeling stuck, sluggish, and uninspired these days. It may be that you've reached a plateau or that the same old energies that have been with you for years keep you mired in the same old patterns. You may first want to take the Wing Vibrational Quiz to get a baseline of the frequency you're currently at. Then try the following tips to raise your frequency and re-energize yourself and your life so you can move forward in amazing ways.

  1.  Stop complaining. Instead, do something about the problem, change your perspective, or look deeper to find out the underlying issue. Also, avoid people who constantly complain.
  2. Learn something new. It helps your mind move in fresh directions.
  3. Follow-through on promises. If you know you can't, then don't make the promise in the first place, so you don't have it weigh on you. It also diminishes your credibility with others when you don't keep promises.
  4. Let go of emotions and ground yourself before taking action.
  5. Find one thing a day to be happy about. Take the focus off of what's wrong and concentrate on what is going well.
  6. Express gratitude for your home, the people around you, the lessons you've learned, for each breath you take. Be grateful for all you have, no matter what the situation. The energies of being uplifted will become more frequent.
  7. Be kind.
  8. Treat all living beings as equals--human, plant, animal--because we are all one and interdependent. Each of these kingdoms is as important as the others.
  9. Reduce or eliminate alcohol or other central nervous system depressants. It hinders your energy and diminishes your vibrational frequency.
  10. Carry love for yourself and others in your heart.
  11. Use anger as a catalyst for change rather than a reason to lash out.
  12. Keep the lessons learned from past mistakes and difficult relationships and get rid of self-criticism and guilt.
  13. Be honest with yourself. See things clearly and objectively. Have you been using the same old story as an excuse to stay stuck?
  14. Treat yourself and others with compassion.
  15. Honor and respect nature.
  16. Plant a tree/preserve old trees.
  17. Focus on things you have control over and don't worry about the things you don't.
  18. Lift someone's spirits. In doing so, you lift your own.
  19. Act in accordance with what is for the highest good of yourself and others.
  20. Stop the flow of negative automatic thoughts and replace them with a happy memory or a reminder of something you do well.

As you put these into practice, it becomes second nature to treat yourself, others, and all living things better. In doing so, your vibrational frequency raises, and you'll feel lighter, more energized, and happier overall.

In joy & light,


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