The Importance of Energetic Consciousness

Diane Wing

You live in a world of energy and feel its effects in every aspect of your life. Understanding the energetic relationships you encounter on a daily basis gives you the power to see past fear, drama, doubt, worry, and guilt.  You have created everything that is currently in your life. Changing the energies within and around you gives you the power to alter any condition you choose. But first, you must develop energetic awareness or Energetic Consciousness. It is the intuitive sensing and discernment of energetic patterns. Intention can direct these energies to create our universe and our reality. Effectively perceiving and partnering with this invisible vibration produces tangible results.

The concept of energy is widespread. People talk about wanting to have positive energy and regularly use words such as "resonate," "vibe," and "energy." The idea of feeling someone's energy has become commonplace.  Energetic frequency determines how we appear to others and how they appear to us on a conscious and subconscious level.

You have the natural ability to sense the vibrations that surround you and are tasked with learning to enhance that skill and consciously manage these forces. The next step in your personal evolution is to trust yourself, illuminate the patterns holding you back, and become a clear channel of your own power. Energetic consciousness gives you the insight that makes it possible to effectively direct your intent toward a vision of your choosing.

It is possible to understand intent by discerning the type of energy emanating from a person, yourself, or a situation and adjust your actions accordingly. Animals instinctively use this information to survive; humans sense energetic data, yet question its validity. It is essential to be conscious of the energies you are exposed to and the energies you project toward others. The challenge is to accurately sense and employ these energies to successfully navigate daily life.

Energetic consciousness is a way of having continuous deep insights and a more objective perspective to understand yourself, others, and situations. This approach invites those who have reached a plateau in their development and wish to cross into the next phase of their growth. It combines intuition with perspective change in order to recognize vibrational levels and to identify what needs to shift.

Becoming adept at energetic consciousness helps you be true to yourself despite opposition from external sources. You are encouraged to become aware of your strengths and weaknesses, accept yourself as you currently are, and overcome those characteristics you identify as undesirable. You are made aware that you can overcome barriers, protect against unwanted energies, and take responsibility for everything in your life. As a result, you become an independent, dynamic individual who is resilient in the face of internal and external changes.

The perspective of an individual determines his or her attitudes, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings and carries with it certain vibrational patterns. Changing your perspective allows you to shift into a higher vibrational level and to facilitate growth.  The major focus is on gaining new perspectives of past and present experiences and viewing them as lessons to grow and learn from.  By asking yourself, "What's in it for me?" you will be able to generate more ways of perceiving the situation which will, in turn, reveal new ways of coping with difficult situations. A positive outlook and the ability to trust oneself are essential on this journey of self-discovery.  Changing your perspective is a way of creating a new reality, brimming with hope and boundless choices.  The opening to and formulation of alternatives enables you to utilize your free will to reach your unique potential.

During this process, you become aware of your interconnectedness with the world and how feelings, thoughts, and actions impact the self and others. This promotes acceptance of responsibility around decisions you make. Actions do not occur in a void. They occur with the transference of energy that has the ability to permeate scenarios far beyond their immediate scope of influence.

Energetic consciousness allows personal power to take the forefront by cultivating self-trust and self-discipline.  Energy as a construct removes drama and guilt from your life and cultivates a sense of inner peace and optimism by way of objective understanding. Be part of a "cult following of independent thinkers" that are intentional in their thoughts, beliefs, and actions. They take back control and no longer follow blindly by listening to the advice of others over their own inner guidance. Energetic consciousness transforms the way you look at your life so that you can have a fresh perspective, a renewed sense of clarity and direction, and be inspired to live your best life. You have the power to change. Your future is waiting to be created.

The True Nature of Energy

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