Are You Functioning to Your Potential?

Diane Wing

I spent the morning doing major weeding in my yard. This includes clearing moss and overgrown creeping weeds and grass covering the flagstones. Over the years, the flagstone footpath shrunk, each stone smaller than when we installed them. As I pushed, tugged, and peeled back the overgrowth, a much larger stone emerged, providing a solid place to step and move along the path. Some flagstones were triple the size they looked when covered in encroaching greenery.

It started me thinking about how we allow ourselves to get enshrouded by previous failures, outmoded ideas, and old beliefs about ourselves. These choke off the potential to expand who we are and grow beyond what we thought possible. But there is so much more to us than the glimmer we can see after years of doubt and lowered self-esteem creating tangled energies that seem more daunting than they actually are.

In the same way that I easily peeled back years of overgrowth from the flagstones, we can unravel the web we've woven for ourselves that pushes us into a corner and makes for unstable footing as we pursue new goals. Start clearing the blocks that keep you feeling and acting small. It's time to expand and reveal a sparkling self that's bigger than you ever imagined.

- Cut cords* with old ways of being, relationships that no longer serve you, and situations—both past and present—that hold you back.
- Take inventory of the things that make you feel limited and address them one at a time.
- Form a vision of your ideal future and align with that vision. Remove anything from your belief system that doesn't align with your goals.
- Review your mind for self-sabotaging thoughts and challenge them.
- Use different language to describe your day, such as, "I get to go to work," rather than "I don't want to go" or "I don't like my job." It opens up new flows of energy toward greater and expansive opportunities and honors your current situation with gratitude.

When we identify the things that prevent us from moving forward, we can peel them away and expand opportunities for reaching our potential. Granted, when I removed the layers of overgrowth, there was some dirt left behind, but some sweeping took care of that and revealed even more of the beautiful flagstone. Unveil your beauty, your potential, and your brilliance by addressing the weeds in your life and clearing them from your inner garden.

Wishing you a bright path forward,


(c) Diane Wing, M.A., all rights reserved

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