The only thing you can control is yourself

A reader wrote to me and asked for ways to control herself when faced with situations that upset her.  She indicated that certain circumstances are especially upsetting, such as when she sees others being harmed (emotionally or physically) or when she is personally (verbally) attacked by another.   She wants greater control of her reactions so […]

Finding your spiritual path

Finding your spiritual path Many people are searching for direction, their purpose in life, their spiritual path.  In their search, the experiences of others are considered as examples of quests fulfilled or abandoned. My clients have asked me how I found my path and what it took to get there. By sharing my experiences, my […]

Developing a Sense of Self

No one is perfect. Nor can one ever hope to be. What we can do is to become more truly who we are. We can strive to accept our limitations and to enhance our strengths. It is also possible to sculpt ourselves into an individual to be proud of, in accordance with our personal concept […]

Transforming Your Reality

We manifest externally that which is prominent within us. Reality is what one perceives it to be. Irrational thoughts and beliefs need to be identified and challenged in order to grow and change. Harboring perceptions that produce a negative view of the Self and the environment produces anxiety. It is at this time that people […]

Instructions for Space Cleansing and Purification

Why is it a good idea to perform a spiritual cleansing? Performing a spiritual cleansing of a home or sacred space, whether it is done indoors or outdoors, removes negative energy that may cause disruptions or distractions. In essence, you are clearing and blessing the space to make it a much more pleasant place to […]


What is grounding?  Grounding is a means of attaching your energy to the Universe and to the Earth.  By creating a connection both above and below, a conduit is formed to allow a steady stream of energy to flow through you.  In this way, positive energy flows in from the heavens and negativity flows into […]