The Importance of Energetic Consciousness

You live in a world of energy and feel its effects in every aspect of your life. Understanding the energetic relationships you encounter on a daily basis gives you the power to see past fear, drama, doubt, worry, and guilt.  You have created everything that is currently in your life. Changing the energies within and […]

The Quest for Self-trust

In our daily world, there are many opportunities to acquire information from a variety of sources – friends, the Internet, books, teachers—yet too infrequently do we tap into the one source of information that is most trustworthy and always available: our own internal guidance.  It is the most powerful source of counsel and the most […]

Make Room for the New By Letting Go

Letting go is hard.  We hold on to things from the distant past and continue to add to it as we walk the path of life.  We choose to keep experiences, along with the feelings they incite, for better or worse.  Usually it works against us, as the most likely energies we hold are those […]

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