Making Your Dreams Come True

by Diane Wing, M.A. It is easier to manifest when what you want is in alignment with your soul’s mission.  A clear definition of your mission, vision, and values goes a long way in putting you on the path to achieving what you want in your life.  Companies do this to define their goals and […]

What is Your Hope for the World?

by Diane Wing, M.A. We are a worldwide community. It begins with our little, personal space in the vastness and flows out, touching everyone and everything. Each person’s thoughts, emotions, and actions have an effect on every other person and living being. We tend to focus on what is best for us in our own […]

Stand-up to Your Harshest Critic...Yourself!

The world can be harsh. On social media, book reviews, Quora, in person, opportunities abound to be criticized for every thought and action. Your situation may also invite criticism from family, friends, colleagues, and bosses.  Even when you're doing what you think is right, there is the potential for someone to say that there's a […]

Don't Base Your Future on the Past

by Diane Wing, M.A. We live in a different world today. You are a different person than you were last year or even last month. Things grow and change, and using self-awareness and intention, it's possible to do so along with it. Being in the flow calls you to modify what you want your life to look like. […]

How to Gain Resilience and Personal Power

by Diane Wing, M.A. Nothing stays the same. Change is inevitable. The wheel of the life turns and the way we weather the change is the key to finding our destiny. The natural rhythm of life ebbs and flows, waxes and wanes. Life has its ups and downs. There are times when we build toward […]

Increase Your Strength by Doing It Your Way

by Diane Wing, M.A. We learn new methods, techniques, and information with every book we read, experience we have, or class we take. Often, we are required to learn someone else’s approach to the topic. It negates the student’s own perspective in exchange for the information. When we discover that the methods do not work for us, […]