Do Your Emotions Suffer from Using Generalizations?

by Diane Wing, M.A. Anger, depression, sadness, helplessness, and hopelessness are all exacerbated by using generalizations. These are statements such as, “I can’t do anything right,” “Everything in my life sucks,” “Everybody is stupid,” and “Nobody cares about me.” Challenging the veracity of these statements delivers you from suffering from the negative emotions they trigger. […]

Ban this Process to Achieve Your New Year Resolutions

by Diane Wing, M.A. The essence of the New Year resolution is change. You’ve decided to make a significant change to start off the New Year right, but historically, it has been a difficult road that leads to falling back onto old behaviors. The process goes something like this: You decide that as of January […]

How to Survive the Holidays Your Way

by Diane Wing, M.A. The holidays can be lots of fun, but also a tough time for those who may be alone or who have recently lost someone.  1. If you have lost someone, it can be hard to notice an empty plate at a formal dining table. To manage the absence, honor the memory […]

The Value Of Solitude And Personal Power

by Diane Wing, M.A. Fiona felt as though her head would explode. Between the news broadcasts, social media posts arguing various points of contention, and her friends and family weighing in on her life, she was filled to capacity. She didn’t want to make people feel like they didn’t matter or be disconnected from the […]

When was the Last Time You Felt Supported?

by Diane Wing, M.A. You may not know what it feels like to be supported, but you do know how it feels when you're not. You stagnate, your self-worth diminishes, depression and anxiety rise, and your level of hope declines. Finding others to support you may be challenging depending on your environment and circumstances. If you […]

How to Leave Judgment Behind and Experience Compassion

When was the last time you judged someone or something based on limited information? A first impression? By something someone told you? It may have made you feel outraged or shocked. It might cause you to form an opinion in ways that are inaccurate and wastes lots of energy making sense of it or feeling […]

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