The Rewards of Self Mastery

The Rewards of Self-mastery In our quick-result society, I see all kinds of advertisements that promise the ability to achieve any goal with the snap of your fingers - no work required. One of my recent favorites is "Become a powerful Reiki Master in 48 hours!" I'm sure many folks wanted to take advantage of […]

Removing Blocks to Manifesting

Would you like to manifest more money, a new home, your ideal career? Have you tried to apply the Law of Attraction without success? [Check out the self-guided video course for this topic at !] So what's blocking your ability to manifest your desires? Today we're going to talk about how to clear the […]

Create your vision

Anyone who is adept at what they do in any capacity starts with a vision. This vision stems from the individual's unique perspective, shaped by their experiences and level of understanding. What one creates and ultimately manifests is a direct reflection of the way one envisions the project, task, or ultimately one's life. Self-knowledge is […]

Moving past the blocks we set up for ourselves

We dream and wish that things could be different. We hope and ponder what it would be like to have the ideal life, relationship, situation, or mindset. We reach, but not too far, afraid that things will become too different or that we won't be able to handle the new situation, the dream better than […]

It's Never too Late To Live Your Dream

It doesn't matter what age you are or what you've done up to this point in your life, it's still possible to live the life you want to live. Unfortunately, I come across many people whose vocabulary is so filled with the word "but" that they talk themselves out of the slightest possibility of living […]

Achieve patience through the power of acceptance

How many times have you feverishly prayed for patience so that you could tolerate waiting for your plans to come to fruition, for that big break, or that right relationship? Those who exemplify patience do not outwardly react to their frustration; they give no indication that they are anxious for their will to manifest. Or […]