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When was the Last Time You Felt Supported?

by Diane Wing, M.A. You may not know what it feels like to be supported, but you do know how it feels when you’re not. You stagnate, your self-worth diminishes, depression and anxiety rise, and your level of hope declines. Finding others to support you may be challenging depending on your environment and circumstances. If you have supportive friends, relatives, and colleagues, that’s a powerful means of staying motivated. But when you feel abandoned, there are still ways to gain the support you need to chug down your chosen path. 1. Nature – The Japanese call it forest bathing. I call …

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The Importance of Being an Independent Thinker

These days it’s hard to know what to believe. The need to critically consider and personally investigate and analyze information is more important than ever. Each of us is charged with being our own authority, with seeking truth and then applying it in a way that is appropriate for our circumstances. It is essential that we develop our instincts that alert us to when something is off, when something may be a threat, and then dig a little deeper to validate or to disprove that feeling. “Freethinkers are those who are willing to use their minds without prejudice and without …

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The Value of Happy Employees on the Bottom Line

by Diane Wing. M.A. The benefits of happy employees may seem intangible, but actually, have a significant impact on the bottom line. Studies show an increase in collaboration, innovation, cooperation, focus, and passion as a result of increased happiness. This equates to an increase in productivity ranging between 12 percent and 20 percent. Productivity, enthusiasm, and engagement are the hallmarks of a healthy work environment. Based on these factors, there is a correlation between the level of happiness and the number of sick days taken, customer satisfaction, and level of creativity displayed in the workplace. According to a recent Gallup …

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How to Use Trust to Increase Your Intuition

The most common roadblock in developing your intuition is a lack of self-trust. That is, not believing the messages when they come through. It just doesn’t seem possible that the divine download could be right. The task becomes differentiating between your regular thoughts and an actual intuitive message. Everyone has intuitive ability; it’s a matter of discovering the way your unique gift works and how to recognize intuitive guidance for what it is. Some “see” a vision, some “hear” a little voice, and others experience a “knowing” that comes gently into mind. At times, it may come through physically, as …

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