Don't Base Your Future on the Past

Diane Wing

by Diane Wing, M.A.

We live in a different world today. You are a different person than you were last year or even last month. Things grow and change, and using self-awareness and intention, it's possible to do so along with it. Being in the flow calls you to modify what you want your life to look like.

Those who continue to seek goals in accordance with the way they were in the past and what they wanted back then, coupled with the way the world used to be, are cheated out of growth and a happier way of being. It results in emotional pain, anxiety, depression, and frustration. These carry dense energies that make you feel weighed down and make it harder to align with your ideal life.

So what to do? Rather than setting goals in the old way, e.g.. deciding on a particular situation or object you want, create a goal asking what kind of energy you want to create. Once the intention is set to that energetic pattern, all things flow to you in accordance with it. The Divine brings all the things that align with the type of energy you desire.

The issue then becomes what type of energy do you want in your life? The energy of anger and hate or peace and love – destruction or creation. Whatever you focus on is what you are feeding. Do you seek creativity, freedom, health, and peace? These frequencies motivate action toward achieving these while we attract attention from the Divine to flow in accordance with inner guidance.

If instead, you find yourself attracting unhealthy, stressful, and toxic people and circumstances, examine the energy you bring to your life. Complaining, fear, anger, and hate generate the vibrational patterns that keep you stuck and create anxiety. A new approach is needed to shift away from these types of energies, and it starts with you. Catch yourself complaining (about anything - people, situations, politics, whatever) and halt the flow of discord. Replace it with a decision or a new perspective. For example, if you complain about a person in your life, remove them or spend less time with them. It is not up to you to determine this person's life path. If they choose to be a certain way and it does not align with your way, then act accordingly. If something is not in your control, shift your energy to something that is. For example, if you worry about the environment, make your local ecosystem the best it can be by protecting wildlife and planting trees.

Change in your life comes through inner changes. When you ask for what you want, focus on how you want to feel. If you seek a healthy relationship, ask for one that makes you feel safe and loved if that's what is important to you. If you want the ideal work that is consistent with your nature, ask for a situation that feels productive, prosperous, and fulfilling. You get the idea.

It's easier to determine how you want to or don't want your life to feel than it is to figure out your next career move or ideal relationship. Once the intention is set, all things flow from that. It's time to update your intention with who you are today, at this period in history. The good news is that you can update the intention whenever you feel the desire to, thereby taking the fear out of making a choice. You are continuously in a state of evolving and becoming. It's a beautiful concept, really, since it gives you the freedom to explore and discover who you are and what you want at any given moment.

There is only shifting, only change, and no sense of right or wrong, only what works based on your intention. This view eliminates self-judgment, making it easier to be kind to yourself for choosing a path that you ultimately modify. In this way you create your ideal life.

With each decision, each intention, you strengthen your confidence, having faith that you can trust yourself to do what's right for you. The Universe adjusts to accommodate your shifting soul journey. Where you are on the path is perfect for right now. Allow yourself to experience this perfect moment to gain profound knowledge of the Self and understand what feels right for you and what doesn't.

Don’t base your future on the past. You’re a different person today than you were when you made the choices that created your current life. It's possible to energetically align with your new ideal and create a new future. Liberate yourself from judgment, fear, and doubt. You are capable of creating new patterns that start with openness to a new way of being. You created the circumstances you live in today. Believe in your ability to create a new future and life.

Wishing you success in achieving your goals!

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