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            Live event * Coming October 2017

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Bridge St & Main St, Phoenixville, PA


Outdoor event – Free admission

Diane Wing will present from 3:15p – 4p


Using Intuition to Navigate Daily Life

We all have intuitive abilities, yet many people struggle to open to this natural part of themselves.
Even those who are awakening to these gifts have difficulty trusting their inner guidance.
We were given this inner compass to help us smoothly navigate our life path.
This course will help you develop your intuitive abilities and overcome the self-doubt that prevents
you from listening to these messages.
When you trust and follow your own intuition, you’ll find it will lead you to all the right places at all the right times.
You’ll also have a much better feel for what others are thinking and feeling.
This course will help you tap into and trust your natural intuitive gifts.
Learn ways to identify, track , and validate your unique intuitive gift.


https://www.facebook.com/VibrantLivingFestival/    October 7 Noon to 4:30 pm

$5 admission

Diane Wing will be doing readings and Reiki.

Her Presentation is on How to Deal with Toxic Work Energies for Increased Success – time to be determined

You spend most of your day at your job, and the energies there – in the environment and among the people – can be negative.
These can become toxic and affect how you feel about your job and yourself.
When you’re so close to the situation, it can be difficult to realize where the problem is.
The role you play in your environment, your overall temperament, and those around you all work together to make your work life great…or really miserable.
In this class, you’ll learn how to recognize negative energies, how they could be affecting your opportunities for promotion, your motivation,
how they could even affect your health,and ways to protect yourself and change it for the better.

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