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Classes on May 6th starting at 11 am
The Room at Meadowbrook
4089 Durham Road, Route 412
Ottsville, Pa. 18942


Work with experienced guide, Diane Wing, to learn the best ways for you to access your natural abilities and become consistent in using them. Diane is sharing 3 classes on March 31st:

– Insight Stones® at 11 am
– Using Intuition to Navigate Daily Life at 1 pm
-Learning to Manage Your Empathic Gift at 3 pm.

Spend the day with all three sessions or participate in one or two of these enlightening workshops that will help you express your intuitive gifts in your own unique way. Multiple class discount applies as outlined below.

If you take all three, $78.00 (save $19.50). Taking two classes, $52 (save $13), or $32.50 for one. We encourage you to bring a bag lunch for a wonderful afternoon of Diane’s brilliance and greater understanding of intuition, empathy, and your energy!

Insight Stones® 
Saturday, March 31, 11 am, $32.50
Are you ready to learn a new divination method that’s easy to use and helps develop your intuition? Insight Stones® is a tool of divination created by Diane Wing.  It came to her as a Divine Download (intuitive flash) and was brought into being as a unique, highly accurate tool to add to your magickal toolbox.
Check out Insight Stones here:
This is a special 1.5-hour session to show you how to get the most out of this oracle and that gives a special discount of $5 on your purchase of Insight Stones®.

To register email  diane@dianewing.com; 215-379-2972

Using Your Intuition to Navigate Daily Life 
Saturday, March 31, 1 pm, $32.50
We all have intuitive abilities, yet many people struggle to open to this natural part of themselves. Even those who are awakening to these gifts have difficulty trusting their inner guidance. We were given this inner compass to help us smoothly navigate our life path. This course will help you develop your intuitive abilities and overcome the self-doubt that prevents you from listening to these messages. When you trust and follow your own intuition, you’ll find it will lead you to all the right places at all the right times. You’ll also have a much better feel for what others are thinking and feeling. This course will help you tap into and trust your natural intuitive gifts. Learn ways to identify, track, and validate your unique intuitive gift.

To register email  diane@dianewing.com; 215-379-2972

Learning to Manage Your Empathic Gift 
Saturday, March 31, 3 pm, $32.50

What is an “Empath?” This is a person who is very open, very sensitive, and who is capable of absorbing the energies of those around them. They feel the emotional pain of others as though it is their own. They feel depressed and anxious for no apparent reason. What is actually happening is that they are taking on the negativity of others. If this sounds like you, learn to manage your gift and to set energetic boundaries so that you can be compassionate without actually taking on the emotions of others, thus allowing you to have more energy and live a happier life.

To register email  diane@dianewing.com; 215-379-2972

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Luv2Knit and More
610 Old York Road, Suite 121
Jenkintown, Pennsylvania
Call (267) 886-2000 to register

Discovering Your Soul’s Mission 

Coming in Soon in 2018

To be successful in your life, it is important to align your actions with your soul’s mission.
In this interactive workshop, we will articulate your life purpose and mission.
At the end of the session, you’ll come away with a life purpose statement
to use in all circumstances to increase joy, success, and fulfillment.

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