Happiness And Love Have 4 Things In Common

Diane Wing
Happiness and love are the two primary aspects of life that most people yearn for. The combination of the two sets us up for true joy and the ability to increase our tolerance when things get rough. They go hand-in-hand and have commonalities such as the release of similar neurotransmitters and the enhancement of our sense of self. 

Love does not have to pertain to a romantic relationship; we can focus it on loving family, friends, pets, yourself, or a way of being. A love of doing a particular activity such as creating, fishing, or walking in nature can trigger it. The sensation and feeling are ultimately the same as in a romantic relationship. 

Those who feel that these are not the same as having a significant other are missing out on types of love that are just as powerful yet may go unexplored as a result of this belief. Intimacy is the keynote of significant relationships and means to have a sense of belonging together and feeling close. This can be achieved through healthy contact with like-minded others who have a deep sense of caring for each other.

The need to feel loved is what draws us into relationships; to have that one person who you trust above all others and who has our highest good at heart. That one person who makes us feel safe and who we can be ourselves with. And many say that when we find that person, then we will be happy. Yet the commonalities between love and happiness are so profound that one need not exist without the other, and the definition of significant relationships need not be so rigid. 

- Love and Happiness are reciprocal. Having love increases happiness and having happiness enhances love. Happiness makes you more loving – the happier you are, the more loving you can be. Finding happiness in everyday things is a magnificent way to exude the vibration of happiness so it attracts healthy, loving relationships. Once attracted, that love expands through being happy with that other person and by making each other happy.

- Sense of elation. The power of love and happiness send your energy soaring. That feeling perfectly captured in the song by Pharrell Williams, Happy, with the lyric "if you feel like a room without a roof." A sense of elation can come through loving life, loving God/Spirit/Universe, feeling free to be ourselves, or even successfully accomplishing a cherished goal. These conditions come from a powerful sense of self-love and oneness with All That Is. 

- A sense of meaning. When we have a purpose, then we lovingly work toward the betterment of ourselves, others, and the world. We take meaningful action that creates happiness with every step. We create communities that strive together to make something meaningful happen. We enter into a loving relationship with Mother Nature and follow Divine Guidance to find the best ways to express these loving acts for the highest good.

- A sense of connection. Feeling a connection to a cause, a community, a tribe, a family, friends, and above all, to oneself, opens the way for love and incorporates happiness. It is that sense of connection and togetherness that allows us to enjoy life and experience true happiness. Working toward a common goal creates intimacy and a loving interaction as powerful as a relationship. Connecting to Divine Inspiration allows us to feel love beyond measure and the joy of co-creating with Spirit. 

It is time to move away from compartmentalizing love and happiness and see the links between them and the conditions under which they can coexist. Put these ideas into play in your own life and experience a profound combination of love and happiness that will help tap into the best life has to offer.

Copyright Diane Wing, all rights reserved
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