How to Make the Most of this New Reality

Diane Wing
The majority of the spiritual community considers the pandemic to be a reboot of the world, creating a needed shift. It shows how we are one and in this together. Our breath supports and connects us, but we need to cut off the breath between us to avoid infection. At the same time, we’re shifting together and need to innovate in accordance with the new reality. Fear is not what we need right now. It’s trust in the Divine process and what it’s moving us toward.

In this time of spiritual evolution, it’s time to achieve higher levels of consciousness and energetic awareness. It’s necessary to clear the ego responses to what is happening.

The pandemic affects everyone; the individual reacts, but it impacts the collective global community. As we all imprint on the Divine energy, our ability to send out calming energy touches others and allows healing and insight. Finding deep meaning does not occur when we’re panicking, it only happens from a centered, loving place.

How to Make the Most of this New Reality

It’s time to shed the ego and remove the drama. Ego prompts anger, fear, insecurity, and over-sensitivity. If you find yourself offended over the smallest actions, that’s a function of insecurity. If you’re angry that you can’t leave the house, then look at your priorities and consider the needs of the collective whole versus the needs of the one. In these times, being considerate of the whole gives individuals the ability to overcome the common threat we all face. Taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional health raises your vibrational frequency and contributes to a positive outcome for everyone.

If you have fear for the future, then look at your faith and trust in Spirit and where these circumstances are taking us. If you adopt worry and fear, that’s the energy you’re contributing to the world. If you feel offended, fearful, and angry, that’s the energy you’re contributing to the world.

Be kind. We need to send blessings, not hate. Watch the energy you send. You don’t know what others are going through in their lives. Sending negativity and ego-based drama may be more detrimental than you realize.

Those in the spiritual community working to support and guide others, need to be especially diligent to stay clear of negative emotions and regularly ground and dump negativity. Don’t get caught up in ego and self-importance. Support, love, and uplift yourself and others. We are here to be in high service, not to demand or control.


- Acceptance over judgment.
- Flow over control.
- Love over anger.
- Understanding over expectation
- Truth over delusion.
- Selflessness over selfishness.  

When there is an expectation, we have the need for a particular outcome. If this is the path taken, there is inevitable frustration, since many variables come together to create our circumstances, including our own actions and many that we have no idea are taking place. This is the way of the Divine. Shifts occur that move us, sometimes gently and sometimes roughly, depending on our openness to change.

When we ignore signs and inner guidance, the odds are that the experience will be harsh. When we listen and abide by the natural flow of change, the experience is calmer. If you prefer being shaken in order to achieve realization, then stick with expectation. If you wish to glide through change and find yourself in a place of the highest good, then choose to understand.

The mindset of understanding allows for a more powerful experience. Ask, what is the purpose of this time in human history? What is important for me to understand myself as I move through this challenging time? How can I be more understanding of others as they struggle to manage their own circumstances? What positive effect can I have by understanding?

Expectation creates a need to control. Understanding creates a space for allowing the Universe to move all the pieces into place for the highest good of all, not just the one.

Embracing this includes doing a self-assessment of your role in the world. Consider The Hierophant in tarot, who teaches Divine mysteries, translating Universal Law to promote a personal understanding for the masses rather than forcing your own lessons on others.

We’ve been put on a path of change and powerful shifting. What a gift to have this push toward a world that has a higher spiritual sensibility. Those who fight against it make it harder on those trying to understand the purpose and meaning held within this challenging time. Those who say they are spiritually elevated, yet demonstrate fear, misinformation, and insecurity are not the ones to listen to.

We are going through a breakdown of old paradigms, both within and outside of ourselves. In a previous article, I wrote that 2020 is the year of foundation. Now our foundation is crumbling so we can see things differently and look to change the things that no longer work. It’s the essence of The Tower card in tarot. We’re going from “me” to “we.” The toppling of the old way of being gives us a direct connection to Spirit. If we allow it, we'll be guided toward a way of living and being that lifts our hearts and benefits the global community while maintaining sovereignty over ourselves.

It’s time to see things differently and to do things in ways that support our new reality with as much love and joy as possible. Prior to the pandemic, things were out of control. We were on a hamster wheel, stressed, anxiety-prone, and working against nature. With the halt in activity, flowing with Divine purpose just became easier. The quiet, the stillness, the discovery of alternative ways of living and being are all part of the meaning of this extraordinary time.

If someone shows you their truth and how they feel, don’t discount their experience or the validity of the meaning they derive from their interactions with you, others, or the world. Telling them they shouldn’t feel that way or that their sense of experience is invalid is ego talking. Accept that their path is theirs to walk without judgment. All paths are valid. All feelings are real. Whatever is reflected back to you is something to consider as you grow and evolve. Dismissing it outright shows a lack of potential for growth. It’s each person’s choice whether to look deeper into the pool to see the pebbles below or to stay on the surface of the water where all that is seen is reflection. What lies beneath your reaction is where the truth lives.

We are in a purge of the things that no longer work, and that includes relationships of all kinds. Some indicators that it’s time to part ways include when the other person displays abrasive energy or jealousy, when you feel used, they dishonor your requests, and when everything is about them. It’s also important to understand your feelings toward the person and the situation before cutting off the energy.

Assess your sense of the energy between you. If you’re calm and feel no animosity toward the person, then it’s likely that the relationship has run its course, and it’s time to move on. There may be an important lesson in the interaction. If missed, someone else will come into your life with similar energy until the lesson is clear. Remember, their path is still theirs to own without judgment, but you are not obligated to walk with them. Wish them well on their journey in whatever way is for their highest good, rather than asking the Universe to teach them something you feel they need. That is not for you to determine; that is between the person and Spirit.

Endings, whether or not chosen, may bring sadness or relief, but always new opportunities and space made for fresh energies to fill the hole. The magick of life is in change and the ability to create new realities. From death (Death card) comes the ability to become the best version of yourself (The Moon) and reach your highest potential (The Star). Spirit hands us ways to find contentment (Ace of Cups) as long as we have faith (4 of Wands).

For those whose situation is dire, stay in the moment and do the best you can. Take necessary actions to manage your circumstances. Look for those who are helping their communities and embrace the love, hope, and care they exude. Things have changed and will change again.

This is a time of self-reflection, clearing, loving, strengthening, gratitude, and support. It’s a time of contributing beautiful, sparkling energy to the ether so that those in need may partake. Appreciate this moment of opportunity in human history. Minimize dense energy, complaining, fear, ego, and anger. Be humbled by what we’re collectively going through and know that on the other side, profound changes will occur for the best and highest good.

Copyright Diane Wing, 2020, All rights reserved
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