How to Survive the Holidays Your Way

Diane Wing

by Diane Wing, M.A.

The holidays can be lots of fun, but also a tough time for those who may be alone or who have recently lost someone. 

1. If you have lost someone, it can be hard to notice an empty plate at a formal dining table. To manage the absence, honor the memory with a photo of the person, maybe on the dessert table, and do a buffet-style set-up that allows people to sit wherever they'd like.

2. Along the same lines, start a new tradition. Get creative and make it fun. Maybe invite friends, family, and neighbors to have a holiday open house with continuous food and people showing up throughout the day and into the evening.

3. If alone, gather others who are also alone for the holidays. Or volunteer with local churches or charities to serve the homeless and make their holiday brighter.

4. If you're dreading having the family to your home or going to their homes, ground and protect yourself before going. Rather than anticipating the usual jabs and annoyances, allow yourself to stay in the moment and see the humor in what is being said. Don't take it personally and simply smile, knowing the truth for yourself as you stand in your power. 

5. If you're hosting the holiday, do the preparations with joy and envision people having a great time. Keep in mind that commotion and chaos are part of the celebration; it's about the people and the happy energy created when loving friends and relatives gather together. Relish the situation and stay centered when things get a bit crazy.

6. If you're baking or preparing food for the holiday, do it with love. Think beautiful thoughts of people enjoying what you made and the gratitude you have for being able to contribute to the festivities. Food made with love always tastes better.

7. If you're not into commotion, then create a quiet, meaningful day of counting blessings or relaxing with a special meal, drink, and watching a movie, reading a book, listening to music, or watching the fire crackle in the fireplace live or on TV. Use the good china and the crystal glass. Light that candle you've been saving for the perfect occasion. Make it a special day for just you, filled with your favorite things.

8. No matter what the situation is, remember that gratitude and love are the themes of the holiday season. Cherish each moment and find ways to express these divine energies toward others in your own unique way. Make the holidays your own. Connect with those vibrations to the fullest in whatever way feels right to you and know that by doing so your level of inner peace and happiness elevates, raising the vibration of the world.

Copyright Diane Wing, all rights reserved

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