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How to Use Trust to Increase Your Intuition

Young, healthy woman is enjoying life. Woman's silhouette is situated against the lovely sunset.The most common roadblock in developing your intuition is a lack of self-trust. That is, not believing the messages when they come through. It just doesn’t seem possible that the divine download could be right. The task becomes differentiating between your regular thoughts and an actual intuitive message.

Everyone has intuitive ability; it’s a matter of discovering the way your unique gift works and how to recognize intuitive guidance for what it is. Some “see” a vision, some “hear” a little voice, and others experience a “knowing” that comes gently into mind. At times, it may come through physically, as when having pain in an area that is bothering someone else, or emotionally, such as feeling another person’s depression, anxiety, or joy.

Messages may need little interpretation or come through in a way that is not so clear cut. For example, when my youngest brother passed away suddenly, people asked me if I knew it was coming. Logically I knew that his health was suffering and was worried about him, but didn’t get a direct intuitive message that said he was going to leave the physical plane. Additionally, I’ve asked the Universe not to let me see death. (Yes, you can do that. More on that in a moment.)

Rather, I started having visions of a small, fuzzy, adult dog, not a puppy When I walked in the park, it felt like I would be walking a dog soon. When I was in bed, I “saw” a dog in bed with me. When my husband and I watched TV, I “saw” a dog sitting with him.

These visions were odd, because I had promised myself I’d never get another dog since my Lhasa Apso, Mai Tai, passed away almost 14 years ago. His death broke my heart, and I didn’t want to go through that again. Yet a dog kept coming into my mind. Within a couple of months from when the visions began, the message was validated.

As you probably remember, when my brother passed away, my husband and I adopted his precious Shih Tzu, Chrissy. And there she was in the small, furry, adult body I had envisioned walking with me in the park and sleeping with me in bed. The message came through accurately, though at the time, I was unsure how or if it would materialize. The vision didn’t show Chrissy in particular, or it would have pointed moreso toward an issue with my brother.

This is how intuition works and why it is so difficult to cultivate trust in the messages. The primary way to increase trust is to validate what comes through, as well as how it comes through. Did you see it, feel it, hear it, or think it? How long did it take before the message could be validated? Get permission from friends to confirm what your sensing if you get a sudden pain or sweep of emotion. Avoid sharing your visions/feelings with strangers, for the person may get upset when you tell them what you feel. It’s best to have permission Keep a journal of your experiences.

If you are afraid to open to your natural intuitive ability, because you’re afraid of what you might see (death, for example), do what I did: ask the Universe to only get messages about things that are helpful. Or ask to not see death or destruction. That way, you can safely open to divine downloads without fear of what may come through.

Some people achieve greater success using tools such as tarot, astrology, or Insight Stones. These help you learn to move your energy in such a way that it’s detached from your logical mind. Tools help you get out of your head and connect to the Universe.

Practice opening to the energies around you without expectation. What’s the first thing that comes through? Don’t analyze it or question it, just make a note of it and try to validate it. Trying to interpret what comes through takes you out of the moment and removes the purity of the message.

When I teach intuitive development, I have students pair up and take turns getting messages from each other. Most times they are reluctant to share what came through, because it seems silly or outlandish. With encouragement, they finally share, always to their amazement when the intuitive message was perfect for the other person.

One example is that the student getting the message saw a horse and a farm. Knowing nothing about the person she was paired with, she thought that was odd, yet the person validated that she always wanted a horse and to live on a farm. In this case, the receiver was picking up on the desires of the inquirer.

In another class, a student “saw” an angry snowman. She was shocked when the person she was reading told her that she hates winter and wants to move to Florida (which she did within the year).

Another challenge is when something comes through that you don’t want to say until it can be confirmed or wish it wasn’t so. This happened to me one day. My husband was talking to someone on the phone and it was simply a casual conversation. I couldn’t hear the person at the other end. Suddenly a flash came in that told me the person would be getting a divorce very soon. I didn’t say anything, but found out a few days later that the couple had decided to split. It was an intuitive knowing, not a guess based on observation, so I knew it was true.

You have intuitive ability; it’s just a matter of exercising it and developing it. In this way, you’ll have a greater understanding of how it works and, thereby, will be able to trust the messages that come through and accept them as part of your natural senses, just as reliable as the other five.

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February 23, 2016
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