Increase Your Strength by Doing It Your Way

Diane Wing

by Diane Wing, M.A.

We learn new methods, techniques, and information with every book we read, experience we have, or class we take. Often, we are required to learn someone else’s approach to the topic. It negates the student’s own perspective in exchange for the information. When we discover that the methods do not work for us, we blame ourselves, thinking that we are unable to use the information effectively. Maybe we did not understand fully. We think we just do not have the capacity to learn the information, thereby diminishing our own strengths.

This may be true of something like calculus, but not when it comes to philosophical topics or developing our natural gifts. This realm of knowledge is better served by learning about ourselves and the way we would use the imparted information. Instructors teach us a method or concept and then we try to imitate the way the teacher uses the technique. It works for him/her, why does it not work for us? Because we need to find our own way of applying the information.

The learning process is about helping seekers establish themselves in the world. We may be similar in many respects but we are all unique. Discovering who we are at the core and ways to display our individuality goes hand-in-hand with taking established information and finding our personal interpretation of it. This is where understanding the underlying concept of something, its essence, is critical to success and innovation. Rather than learning a technique, learn the essential components of it and then apply it in a way that makes sense to you. Align it with other techniques and information you already know and combine them with your unique talents to create a blended approach that is more powerful than the original.

When using this approach, self-trust is key. Doubt undermines confidence and prohibits the sense of self in favor of an external influence. When learning, see which components feel right to you. Do they resonate with what you already know is true? Does it seem like something worth pursuing and going deeper into the material? Does it open your awareness or shut it down? These are energetic cues to guide your learning and your application of the information.

The next thing to be aware of is how you plan to use the information. Is it something that can be used daily or is it a once-in-a-while type of topic? Does it connect to another line of learning that broadens your understanding? How does it align with your personal and/or professional goals? Is it flexible enough for you to put your unique mark on the material?

Whatever you learn, whether in a formal or informal setting, consider how to assimilate it through your individual viewpoint. The way you interpret information and respond to it indicates your perspective and nature. The act of applying that information is an individual decision that allows your strengths to come through. Make the material your own and take it further with your unique utilization of it.

Whatever you are in the process of learning, know that it is associated with who you are becoming. Be open to the knowledge and to how it resonates with your true self.

To your success,


Copyright Diane Wing, all rights reserved

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