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It’s Waiting For You

8ca67e1c-bdc8-4b87-9bf3-003ba72260f4When you look out on the road ahead, what do you see? Do you see the potential of what awaits or do you see the difficulties of the present that block the vision of the future? The troubles currently in your life may include financial issues, challenging relationships, or a lack of motivation. While staying in the present and focusing on the task at hand can be a valuable technique to clear the anxiety and address the issues before you, the proper use of anticipation motivates you toward the larger goal of creating your future.

The components of moving toward what awaits you are:

Knowing what you want
Using your imagination
Seeing beyond the problem
Identifying the reward
Outlining the steps
Knowing what you want: Without getting clear about what the “it” is, then the other steps are moot. If you have some idea of the components you would like to include in your ideal life, then list them. Having the separate aspects of the vision can help to see and subsequently create the larger ideal of what you are striving for.

Using your imagination: Now that you know what you want, create a vivid mental image of the scene. See the people you interact with, the place you live in, the environment/location, your daily routine. Walk through it as though it is already there. If you’re not sure about the ideal life, then use imagination to try on different scenarios. Do not limit yourself and take the most outrageous idea you have ever come up with. Then walk through the scene as described above. Note how it feels to you. Is there ease or discomfort? Do you feel elated or burdened? Now try on another scenario or change certain components of the vision until you hit upon the one where there is joy, harmony, and tranquility.

Seeing beyond the problem: You can see the potential but feel as though the current challenges prevent or delay the materialization of the vision. Overcoming the problem you face is the immediate goal with the need for a plan to address it. Break down the issue into specific parts so it is easier to see a solution. Vow to stay on track and take appropriate action. Sometimes there is discomfort in moving forward with the solution, for example, ending a certain relationship or even setting boundaries at work or at home. Stay motivated by taking one component at a time and look beyond it to where it is resolved.

Identifying the reward: Remind yourself how it feels to be living your ideal life. Recognize that some aspects may already be present. Be grateful for those and realize that they bring you a step or two closer to the vision. When you walked through the various scenarios in your mind, what did you see as the greatest reward? Was it that you felt calm instead of stressed? Was it that you felt loved and supported? Avoid focusing on money as a reward. Yes, money is important in sufficient amounts to live comfortably, but beyond that, having more and more of it does not result in the deeper rewards brought about by loving relationships, doing meaningful work , and living your divine purpose.

Outlining the steps: With the vision firmly and vividly in your mind’s eye, outline the steps to get there. It may involve going back to school, networking with the right people, selling off your stuff and living a simpler life. Whatever that looks like, write down each and every step and underneath them, cut it into even smaller, doable portions. Looking at the tasks as one giant chunk feels overwhelming; it is easier to stay the course if the journey is cut into smaller bits.

When you determine what the IT is, you make it possible to move beyond the actual and perceived problems that prevent you from grabbing hold of the motivating vision to create your ideal life. This is a very personal journey, one you need to decide for yourself. Collect ideas, listen to the thoughts and perspectives of others, listen to your inner guidance, and then come up with a unique vision and associated plan to turn potential into reality.

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February 23, 2016
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