Looking at the World Through Eyes of love

Diane Wing

by Diane Wing, M.A.

Emotions color our world and guide our view of life, nature, and those around us. Love transforms the world to a higher vibration, bringing with it respect, care, and health. Love allows us to see the beauty of the spirit inside the plant, animal, and human kingdoms. It brings compassion and the desire to nurture. Hate brings destruction, illness, and harm. Negative emotions such as hate and anger reflect the ugliness and fear within us and give the perspective that the world is a terrible and dangerous place, as are the beings within it.

The way we look at the world is the energy we project into it. For the benefit of our communities, our loved ones, our environment, and the animals, awareness of what we bring to the table is essential. Most of us feel the turmoil happening in the world right now. It is easy to want to withdraw and distract ourselves from the difficulties we face globally and in our personal lives.We feel separate from others and from nature. We put up a wall of anger to protect ourselves. If we choose to conjure love instead and send it forth to those around you, toward the trees in your yard, toward your sweet pet, and out into the community, there is a greater chance for a shift and a connection to happen.

We are all connected, unified by Source energy and the circumstances we share. Check yourself and how you're feeling toward the world. Discord in the individual brings disharmony to everything around him or her. If things aren't going well for you right now, inventory your emotions and see which of the denser, negative energies you're carrying and projecting outward. How do you treat those around you, those who are close and those who are strangers? Can you see the potential in others or do you experience them as an inconvenience that you don't have time to deal with? Do you treat all living beings with kindness or disdain? Emotions guide actions. You'll be kinder and take steps to alleviate pain and suffering if you look upon a being with love than with hate.

At the same time, how do you view yourself? Do you see yourself through the eyes of love or distaste? Do you see every flaw and wish for physical changes or to be someone else? Regardless of what created this mindset to begin with - an overcritical parent, an emotionally abuse significant other, being bullied by your peers - try loving one little piece of yourself and seek to expand that over time. Each day or week, consider something you like about yourself and identify needed changes along with something within that enables you to brighten at the type of person you are. Your confidence and tolerance increases when you love yourself. Others will feel the shift and see you as you see yourself.

Take the next step and recognize the pain you feel about yourself in others. Know that each person you encounter has something that they're grappling with that makes them feel uncertain and fearful.

We respond to people as they portray themselves. If they are focused only on their own best interest, we consider them unappealing through their lack of care for others. If they think they know everything, we respond with an aversion to their lack of self-awareness and need to make others seem stupid. But if we look at that same person with loving eyes, we see the insecurity that drives that behavior and compassion wells up. It is not the goal to change the person, but rather to give them a moment of seeing themselves differently. It may help them going forward. This is not a commitment to hanging around an unpleasant person, but when in their presence, your beaming love protects you from absorbing the negativity and darkening your own energy, while giving them some positive energy they desperately need.

No matter the situation, shifting your view of it to a loving perspective opens the possibilities for a positive outcome and elevates the vibration of the people involved. A simple act of compassion, a smile, or an understanding touch could make all the difference to someone who is going through a rough time.Find a way to connect to sentient beings in all of the kingdoms and seek to understand their issues and their essence. See their beauty in the loving light that shines through the physical form to show the nature that lies within. Despite physical attributes, that light from within elevates its beauty and vibrational level. Those who may be attractive on the outside but have a dark heart lose their appeal. Feel the person for who they are, meet them where they are on the path without judgment. 

I believe there is at minimum a spark of goodness and light in everyone and everything, because we are part of the Universal Energy. We have the power to change the world and our lives by finding ways to express love and shedding the hate and judgment that destroys everything in its path.The more love we cultivate within and toward ourselves, the more we have to give. Think of the wonderful changes that are possible in the world if each of us cultivates a loving perspective. Less hunger, greed, loneliness, and war to start. When we look through the eyes of love, beauty, light, and joy come into our reality and spreads throughout the world. It lifts our spirits and allows us to take action toward creating the best life has to offer for ourselves and others.

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