Making Your Dreams Come True

Diane Wing

by Diane Wing, M.A.

It is easier to manifest when what you want is in alignment with your soul’s mission.  A clear definition of your mission, vision, and values goes a long way in putting you on the path to achieving what you want in your life. 

Companies do this to define their goals and get everyone thinking in the same direction.  It serves to direct the energy in a purposeful way toward manifesting the desired goal.  When applied to you as a person, it serves as a moral compass to keep you moving on the course you set for yourself. 

It may be something you express in your work, yet this goes beyond the way you earn your livelihood; this is stating what you stand for, what you want to contribute to the world, and how you want to express your purpose.   It is a conceptualization of what your life represents.

Exercise:  Grab your journal and your favorite writing instrument and sit quietly in a place that relaxes you where you can unplug from the world for a few hours.  Develop your mission, vision, and value statements.

Mission (what you want to achieve/the goal):  A mission states the purpose of your goal (the what and why).  To formulate your mission, look beyond the obvious things such as salary and material possessions.  It can be as long or as short as you would like.  Start by writing everything that occurs to you and then whittle it down to capture the essence of the mission.  An example is “To inspire and teach others to embrace their true nature.”
Vision (the how you want to be or how you want the world to be as a result of your efforts):  Your vision points to your destination (where you want to go).   It is a long-term vision of the future.  Having a clear vision will motivate you and move your energy forward.  An example is, “A world where people are free to be themselves.”

Values (who you are and how you want to behave):  Your core values describe the beliefs that guide every action you take. They are the beliefs that you hold sacred.  It is the way you want to live your life.  Some examples could be: Treat all people with respect. Act with honesty, integrity, and in the best interest of yourself and others.

Once written, keep your mission, vision, and values statements in a place where you can refer to them often.

Still not sure?  The hardest thing to do is figure out what you want!  Here are some questions that may help.

  • What did you want to be when you were 7 years old?  Kids know who they are, and then they get derailed.
  • What is your ideal environment to live and work in?  For example, a quiet environment with trees around me.
  • What are your greatest strengths?  Be honest.  Now is not the time to be modest.  Ask those you trust if you have difficulty seeing it for yourself.
  • What activities give you energy?  What are you truly passionate about?  Community service, individual support of others, a cause or issue, a particular craft or sport?

Once you are clear about what you want, create a plan.  Defining what you want must be following by action to increase your chances of success.  Outline the steps you want to take toward your desires and give yourself a timeframe in which to complete each phase.  In this way, you are setting the energy of being in the process of manifesting, rather than waiting for something to happen.  Make progress each day, even if it is a small, simple action like a follow-up phone call or some research, it will get you closer to your ultimate desire.

Track your progress so that you can see how applying your energy is move you forward.   Feel the energy build with the momentum you create with each step. 

Follow these guidelines to get your energy moving toward your ideal life:

- Know What You Want: Get clear. Translate the mental list of what you want to do into a written list of potentials and possibilities.

- Do It: Try each idea on your list one at a time to get some experience and see how you feel about them.  If you cannot have direct, physical experience with it, envision it clearly and try walking through it in your mind to see how it feels.  You have to try the things that you think you want to do to avoid ending up with a lot of “what ifs.”  There is nothing more liberating than actually doing things you are passionate about. By doing things you love (or think you love) you make your dream come true or you stop wasting time on things you thought you wanted through the realization that it is not what you really want. Eliminate the options that do not feel right to you.

- Excerpt from The True Nature of Energy: Transforming Anxiety into Tranquility

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