Missed Opportunities to Easily Connect to the Divine

Diane Wing

by Diane Wing, M.A.©

Efforts to link to Divine energies may take the form of attending church/temple/synagogue or doing daily meditation at prescribed times. You set aside moments in your busy schedule to pray or clear distractions in order to hear Divine messages and feel the energy of Spirit. All this is well and good, but what if you could stay connected throughout the day rather than saving this experience for when you have time?

There’s a strong likelihood that because your spiritual practice requires time that is set aside for this type of activity that you miss opportunities to connect more frequently and receive the rejuvenating benefits of linking to Source. This is easily remedied by integrating your spiritual practice with seemingly mundane activities rather than compartmentalizing them.

Connection to the Divine happens when you feel joy, empathy, or a strong sense of love and/or gratitude. Those moments are divinely bestowed and allow you to link to the purity of these sensations. You’ll know there’s a link because your heart will lift, your chest will open, and your desire to help or to revel in the beauty of the world exponentially increases. A lightness of being ensues and a sense of connection with All That Is takes over.

These experiences occur throughout the day, yet you probably don’t include them on your list of spiritual moments. They are chalked up to the human circumstances and emotions that we take for granted. Some everyday examples of Divine connection include:

  • Joy – When you feel truly happy, not in the way you might feel that your team won a game, but joy that comes on a wave of appreciation and recognition of what life has to offer. Pure happiness at knowing yourself and your place in the world.
  • Forgiveness – When the opportunity to let go of resentment toward others and guilt within yourself, the Divine is guiding you to connect and gain strength from knowing that everything isn’t about you personally.
  • Gratitude – The moments when you realize that everything is in your life for a reason and that being thankful to Spirit strengthens the connection and increases understanding of the Divine plan and encourages acknowledgment and acceptance that it is not possible to understand the Divine plan in full.
  • Creativity – When the spark of inspiration hits and you allow yourself to be in the zone of creation, bringing forth a direct expression of the Divine nature and will, whether it’s through art, writing, or even a creative solution to a problem.
  • Love – Each time you open your heart to someone and love them unconditionally, you feel the same love that is coming to you from Spirit.
  • Compassion – The times when you see an ache in the heart and being of another person or animal and extend them support and understanding either physically or energetically puts you in touch with Divine purpose.

Connection to the Divine Nature allows you to experience the world in a lighter, more joyful way. It gives you purpose and helps you navigate the world in a more enlightened way. It makes you more tolerant and provides useful, non-judgmental reflection on the self and actions you take. In this way, you go into a learning, contemplative state rather than one of regret. It’s always a good time to start connecting to the Divine energy, even with the smallest circumstance. The blessings you receive will come easily and in unexpected ways as your burden lightens.

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