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Special, private, transformational sessions with Diane Wing, M.A.

The Sacred Grove3-month transformation program

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This program is for you if:

  • You feel frazzled, burned out, confused.
  • Life is overwhelming and you have too much on your plate.
  • You are unclear about the direction you want to in.
  • If you take on other people's energies and feel drained by it.

Stop accumulating negative energy and clear what is already there one layer at a time. Step into the Sacred Grove and get nurtured, healed, and balanced. In the protection of the Sacred Grove, you can safely transform and experience immediate relief, guidance, and tools to get centered, rooted, and grounded. It's time to get in touch with your sacred self and get to know who you are at this stage of your life and at the core of your being. Only then can you start to envision what's possible. If you don't know where to start, the Sacred Grove is the perfect place for you.

The transformation:

Get an objective look at where you are now in relation to where you want to be
Explore immediate concerns and identify those that hold you back
Get rid of fear, doubt, and worry
Lose the anxiety and clear the depression
Understand the energies around you and remove the drama
Get clear on what motivates you toward your goals
Determine which beliefs, behaviors, and relationships block or bolster your life

The future:

Feel calm, clear, and focused
Confidence and self-trust
Sense of peace
Feel inspired to move forward

In this 3-month program, you receive:

  • Three 1-hour private transformational sessions to reveal the energies in your life and how they are impacting your wellbeing, to support your transition, and see the beautiful transformations that have occurred.
  • Insight Stones kit, so you can get answers to questions 24/7
  • Wing Academy of Unfoldment independent E-Learning courses:
    - Energetic Overwhelm: A Course for Empaths
    - Psychic Self Defense
    - Removing Blocks to Manifesting
    - Putting Yourself First Without The Guilt
    - A copy of The True Nature of Energy: Transforming Anxiety into Tranquility
    - Access to the Sacred Grove online group

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"Diane has a magickal way of helping me to see through the clutter that is interfering with my life. She has helped me to recognize the things that are blocking my potential that only I am responsible for. In her calm manner, Diane has helped me to open my heart and my mind to all of the possibilities that are available to me. With this confidence I have moved forward with publishing two books and with ideas of how to market the books. Even more amazingly, she has helped me to realize that I must open my heart up and accept what this new man in my life has to offer. I always leave Diane with a sense of direction, peacefulness, and a positive energy all at the same time!"

- Lorri Irrgang, North East, MD

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"Thank you again for all the help and guidance through readings and continued support. The readings helped soooo much to clarify and also to open to more specific wonderings. The readings helped so much just in the power to trust inside. I am so happy to have had the pushes you gave in the readings and vantage of clarifying things felt but not understood. A big smile of gratitude."

- Erika Henson, Washington, DC

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"WOW! My experience with Diane was extraordinary. Diane helped me so much; she put a mirror up to my face so I could see the true me. She really listens and, best of all, with zero judgment. The homework...well it helped me grow in leaps and bounds. It felt like she traveled with me on my journey of self-worth. Thank you, Diane. I am a better person and I continue to grow."

- Kathy Sadler, Elkton, MD

"Diane identified the true source of my anxiety and confusion within minutes. What a gift! Then she suggested simple, specific steps for my next action. Cleared so many cobwebs in one session. If you're stuck in an anxious loop, worried and not sure what to do next, Diane's your gal!"

- Lana McAra, Media, PA



The Enchanted Path to Purpose & Meaning - 6-month transformation program

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This program is for you if:

  • You feel blocked, stuck, and stagnant
  • You've gotten a solid foundation in the sacred grove, now you're ready to discover your unique inner magick.
  • You're uncomfortable claiming and owning your personal power.
  • You lack motivation and inspiration to take purposeful action.



The Transformation:

  • Heightened intuitive and energetic awareness
  • Deep understanding of your unique gifts and Inner Magick
  • Own your power
  • Take back control
  • Able to handle whatever comes your way
  • See yourself and others with a fresh perspective
  • Develop the vision of new life to be created
  • Experience change as exhilarating and calming
  • Connect to your divinity
  • Enjoy better relationships with yourself and others

The future:

· Deep self-awareness
· Inspired to take purposeful action
· Confident in making decisions
· Healthy, happy relationships
· Resilience in the face of change

In this 6-month program, you'll receive:

  • Six 1-hour private transformational sessions
  • Wing Academy independent E-Learning courses:
    - Developing Your Intuition
    - Discovering Your Life Purpose
    - How to Release Your Inner Magick (7-week course)
    - Putting Yourself First Without The Guilt (7-week course)
    - Email support
    - Access to the Enchanted Path online group

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"After taking the Putting Yourself First without the Guilt series I feel that I have more control over my thoughts and reactions. This has helped me tremendously in how I act and react to things in my life. It has shed a whole new light on how I relate to other people. I am able to look at things in a different perspective that is much more productive. I am able to confidently say no to things that I really don't want to do, which has always been a problem for me. You have given me the supportive tools that I wasn't even aware that I was missing! I am able to self observe and change the way I think. I feel more in control of my decisions and the outcomes that may happen. You have shown me a new way to relate to other people and have given basic techniques and strategic approaches in dealing with them. Now I live my life with a positive and meaningful intention. Thank you! "

- Lia Fabbricante, Oreland, PA

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"I've been through years of professional therapy and taken many, many workshops and seminars, etc. . . . but this is the first time I've really felt I've been helped and changed. Usually it's been - "well that had some good points", but I still feel stuck and unmotivated to go further. This time I want to continue to work on myself and continue to grow and change. You are a wonderful mentor and I very much look forward to continuing to work with you. If you feel let down by previous "self-discovery" type programs, don't despair! Diane helps you look into even the darkest parts of yourself in a safe and supportive environment. You come away feeling cleansed and energized . . . and ready to continue healing and changing your life. Your new path leads you out of the woods and to a path where you will learn to love, honor, and appreciate yourself."

- Maggie Patzuk, Norristown, PA

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"Diane is truly gifted with the ability to interpret what was going on in my life. After speaking with her, I was empowered to take back my control and redefine how I accept situations in my life. She also confirmed for me what I knew to be a reality around me. Today, I have the strength to speak up, fight back, and remove the negative energy. I trust that Diane will guide me with healing messages that are delivered through her interpretations."

-T. Allen , Blackwood, NJ

Forest Wings - 1-year transformational mentoring program


This program is for you if:

  • You're holding yourself back from sharing your gifts with the world.
  • You are tired of playing small and need a plan to release your magick into the world.
  • You've been unable to recognize your true light, your magnificence, and your gifts and then express it and release it into the world and your life.
  • You know there is more to life than the way you're currently living it.
  • You want a deeper connection with Spirit/Universe/Source that is part of your daily life rather than separate.

The transformation:

  • Know your purpose
  • Develop a plan to bring your vision into reality
  • Heightened evolution
  • Develop perpetual insight
  • Ignite passion
  • Set and modify intentions
  • Discern energies around you
  • Feel inspired
  • Feel motivated to take action
  • Create a life of joyful self-expression

In this 1-year program you get:

  • Twelve 1-hour private transformational sessions
  • Email support
  • One VIP day planning session
  • Solar Return chart interpretation to get you focused on your personal new year energies
  • Homework that supports your goals and helps you practice new ways of being
  • Wing Academy independent E-Learning classes:
    - Putting Yourself First: Advanced Energetics

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"Thank you so much for your help and guidance over the past year, when I end a session with you I am recharged, confident and focused. There is such a sense of trust and safeness with you that I become completely open to the process and I feel that your positive energy and intuitiveness have helped me in finding my true passion and I look forward to my journey with you as my coach and guide. Blessings to you-"

-Marilyn M., Pittsburgh, PA

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"Thank you for all you have done for me. Your readings, honesty, integrity and love has opened up so many avenues for me! I am in such a wonderful place in my life thanks to your guidance, inspiration and intuition. I cannot express my gratitude enough for everything you have done for me! I am the happiest I have ever been and look forward to my wonderful journey in life and all the great experiences I will share with you! It is a true blessing to have you as a part of my world!"

-Kiriaki , Las Vegas, NV

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"My work with Diane Wing has changed my life. For as long as I remember myself I have been interested in virtually everything, and apparently had many talents, but no desire to choose just one thing. I have always thought and was told that it was wrong, that I was wasting my time and scattering my resources. My intuition led me to Diane even though I was choosing among some six professionals. I found a person who understood me, and, more important: was ready to help me to build the best career/life based on my strengths, on something that I always thought to be my weaknesses.

This was the best investment of time and finances that I could possibly have! Diane helped me to open up the horizons I could have never imagined on my own. She led me through the forest of my concerns and taught me to use road signs and all the opportunities that come my way. She is a caring, understanding, yet very grounded and practical lady and this incredible combination makes her a unique intuitive coach. It will change your life for the best in ways you cannot even imagine.

"I am sending deep gratitude to all the forces of the Universe for introducing me to Diane Wing, a stunning professional and compassionate human being. I know that the incredible plan of action we have produced during the coaching sessions is just the beginning of a stunningly unimaginable success in my life."

Many blessings, Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya - Tashkent, Uzbekistan[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]