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Personal Transformation Sessions

 Transformational Guidance

Are you ready to create the life you really want?  

It’s easier when you have an experienced guide.

With the right guidance and support you can:

– Enhance your effectiveness professionally and personally
– Increase your overall productivity
– Set and achieve career or personal goals
– Achieve work/life balance
– Trust yourself and live with more meaning and purpose
– Receive honest, objective, and constructive feedback
– Dispel inaccurate beliefs and remove barriers to success
– Identify and maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses
– Make significant changes in your behavior and beliefs
– Be resilient in the face of change

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”  ~ Charles Darwin

 Best results happen when you’re ready to invest yourself in the process. Be open and have the mindset that you have chosen this path to reach specific goals that you have difficulty achieving on your own.   Working with me, you’ll have a safe, confidential environment in which to experience the transformation you desire.

First, we establish goals together and work toward them.  We will also agree on and define a measure of success so that we will both know when the goal has been reached.   

 It’s time to stop thinking about it and take action.


Contact me today to be empowered to create the life you really want!

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Clients share their stories:

“Diane, you always take me to the next level of thinking. You guide me along to a different thought process. I am more aware of myself after listening to you. You make me aware of things I wouldn’t even be thinking about, you take me there and beyond. To a better place, to a safer place where I can begin to do the work within that I know I must do.”

 – Lia Fabbricante, Oreland, PA

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“I signed on with Diane Wing for a total of seven transformational sessions and I am planning to sign up for more this summer.  The wisdom she imparted to me is a treasure of untold wealth.   I learned about my strengths and weaknesses.  Diane helped me become stronger.  I am delighted and surprised at the I AM beneath the me.  I like to think of Diane as a precious gem in an otherwise dull ring.  Thank you, Diane. “

– Darlene Barry Elkton, Maryland

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“Thank you, thank you, Diane!!! You dug in deep today and it was at times uncomfortable, confusing, and frustrating…(to be completely honest!)… however, I also recognize and value it as an intrinsic and necessary part of the process.  It’s kind of like a deep tissue massage, it makes whatever ails you hurt a little more but in the end you feel better.  (No pain no gain!)  The work we did today was HUGE and I think paramount for my ability to move forward  professionally…. and on a very personal level as well, as I don’t think you can accomplish one without the other. So thank you thank you again and looking forward to our session on Monday!!  Love, “Light” and Peace, Denise Kline, Rushland, PA www.deniseklinephotography.com

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“Diane Wing is a gifted coach and has helped me to think “smaller.”  I know that sounds strange, but through our coaching she helped me discover that my HABIT of thinking SO BIG was actually keeping me on a merry- go- round to nowhere and constantly setting myself up for failure. With her help,  I have been able to break goals down, make more progress and gain more confidence because I am moving forward on more realistic goals.  We have restructured my marketing plan, simplified my volunteer activities  and generated more income by raising my fees and moving my entire office to a different level of our home. These actions have all energized me and my business and would not of been thought of or made a reality before working with her.  The assessment tools, techniques, questions and follow up that she implemented with me during our sessions have been invaluable!  It’s not easy to juggle a family, business, etc and having a supportive ear that gives you different perspectives is such a gift.  Her support, insight and humor have absolutely given me different perspectives and given me a new level of valuing myself.  Thank you Diane for your coaching!  It has made a difference! “

– Roberta Fortune, Lansdale, PA – The Spa Lady** Bringing THE MOBILE SPA to YOUR GROUP!  215-412-2288


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Hi Diane,  “Since I have been working with you my life is more organized, my business is coming to fruition, and I feel better about myself.   You have restored my self-confidence and guided me through lots of big steps that I thought I could not do.  Working with you took away the feeling of being overwhelmed — slicing up the cucumber to eat, not eating it whole (like you always say).  You are very professional and have good people skills — these are all things that I am learning — so you are a good mentor and teacher, too .” Thank you!

– Jacquie K., Radnor, PA

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“Thank you so much for your insight and guidance that you have provided us over the past few months, your small business coaching advice has been extraordinarily helpful in establishing business goals and finding the right people for our company. Your honest, straightforward and professional manner has allowed us to “keep on path” and produce some amazing results in a relatively short period of time. All the best to you Diane and I look forward to working with you again soon. “

– S. Louise Stephenson, Toronto, Ontario.

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Hi Diane,
Thank you so much for this morning’s coaching. As always I feel more centered and grounded after speaking with you. I’m so appreciative of all the insight and guidance you provide during our sessions. I often say how everyone can benefit from some time on the couch. It can be difficult to see life’s circumstances in a new and positive light when you’re so wrapped up in the mundane-ness of everyday life. You help me to have a new perspective on what’s going on in my life and then provide me with the tools to do what I have to do to move it into a new and positive light and way of  being. I think it’s wonderful how you share  your gift and yourself  to help others. Your life coaching has enhanced my well being more then you could ever imagine. I look forward to our next session.”
Blessings,  Kelly Withers, Niverville, NY

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“Dear Diane,   Thank you so much for all the time you spent with me yesterday. When we parted company I felt so uplifted and excited with the possibility that I can create a successful business, that I have more to offer than I was allowing myself to believe. In the light of the new day, my companion, self doubt, tries to assert itself. However, I am acknowledging that and forging forward. Thanks again.”

– Lin Marcoux, Perkasie, PA

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With a Master’s degree in clinical psychology and over three decades of experience helping people achieve their goals through personal insight, Diane Wing can assist you to feel more confident and harmonious on your journey.  Contact her for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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