Diane Wing

Poetry – A selection of poetry by Diane Wing

fountain-01The poetry on this page celebrates the breadth of human emotion and contemplation.  To pause here is to drink from the souls of those who are unafraid to share their reflections on love, pain, and growth.  May you learn from the feelings of others and derive strength from knowing that you are not alone.

Grim Reaches of the Mind

Grim reaches of the mind
Tears the veil from our soul
Holding back from losing control
Hellish demons kept at bay

Eyes drip tears grieving
Looking for salvation
In the cold, dark recesses
Foolishly abandoning hope

Fog rolls across the path
Blinding but not stopping
The edge close by, the path narrow
Focus to maintain your course

Dreams verging on nightmare
Fear, doubt, and worry staunch adversaries
Replaced by will and self-mastery
Darkness pushed back by inner light

© Diane Wing

New Beginnings

Many times I've begun anew
And each time the change was due
In a relationship, job, or belief
My hesitation to change was not always brief

The longer I waited the greater the pain
My resistance completely in vain
The torment of indecision perpetuated strife
Ambivalence pressed heavily on my life

Battling fear and uncertainty was key
The refusal to accept a life of anxiety
Removing that which no longer served
My energy was better preserved

Once the decision was made
I was no longer afraid
What had once sucked me dry
Was released and I was free to fly

Each day new opportunity awaits
And I have the chance to create my fate
To choose a path that serves me well
And dictate the state in which to dwell

What stops you from taking a chance?
You can change your circumstance
You have the power to decide
Or will you simply run and hide?

Seek support and know your worth
You're on the verge of joyous rebirth
Lose the guilt, drama, and shame
Your life will never be the same!

© Diane Wing

 Beloved Woods

My beloved woods embrace me
I feel attached to every tree.
Fluttering excitement fills my soul;
An exhilarating sense of being whole.

The forest grants entrance to this realm of power
Allowing thoughts to bud and flower
The power to heal and the power to see
Are placed like a meal in front of me.

Shaded, cool protection encourages me to wander
My spectacular journey offers lessons to ponder
Fallen trees represent the past as uprooted and dead
Moss clings to the bark to signify new growth ahead

Ducks glide by without a care
Reflecting serenity in their gentle stare
Ripples made by Nature's motion
Fill my heart with pure devotion

Through the canopy the sun beams
Fertilizing thoughts of life, love, magic, and dreams
Illuminating my soul deep into the night
And nourishing my inner light
The music of the woodland creatures
Is among the forest's most treasured features
Breathless joy from these sights and sounds
The happiness I feel in the forest abounds.

The flowing creek, the wind in the trees
Hold special childhood memories
Walking with a smile on my face
My journey continues with effortless pace.

Discoveries around every bend
The fascination never ends
The majesty of the forest green
Holds reverent magic yet to be seen

© Diane Wing

Peaceful Scene

Sitting by the water just to dream
By the pond, lake, or stream
Water slowly moving past
Trees' reflection gently cast
Golden leaves glide on top
Slight motions ripple then stop
Rocks seen through translucent amber
Geese beat wings and make a clamor
Majestic trees line the path
Roots exposed from rain's wrath
A breeze blows lightly through my hair
Making me welcome in its lair
All in all a peaceful scene
Conjuring possibilities unseen.

© Diane Wing

Moon & Stars

In conjunction with the moon and stars
In alignment with the planets
The path of a centered being emerges from rubble
All endings create new beginnings.

Allowing for mistakes
And hoping for enlightenment
The ground awaits the graceful steps
Of those whose inner life has no malice.

It matters not which path is taken
As long as the Universe is guiding you
For with the support of the Highest Being
There is no resistance to your desires.

Conservation is the key
Waste no energy on trivial bothers
Take nothing for granted
Release that which is not pertinent to your growth.
©  Diane Lee Wing

 Images & Feelings

Like the mist that covers the lake at dawn - calm.
The softness of a child's blanket - warm.
Tender as a mother's love for her babies - gentle.
These are the feelings that you inspire in me.

The excitement of seeing a rainbow for the first time - magic.
Happiness that comes from hugging a soft puppy - contentment.
The joyous thrill of winning a prize at a carnival - giddy.
The emotions of being in love with you.

The disappointment of a helium balloon that escapes to the sky - sadness.
To be chosen last when picking teams - to feel left out.
A sigh as you hand in a final term paper - relief.
Our down moments, only to be reconciled once more.

When you're proud of a friend's accomplishments - admiration.
To confide in someone and know your secret is safe - friendship.
To be willing to stand by someone through thick and thin - commitment.
What we have achieved and what will strengthen us.

Wishing the world was a bright, beautiful place for everyone - to dream.
Waiting patiently for your dreams to come true - to have faith.
Enjoying each moment, feeling life and love everyday - to be truly happy.
To fight our battles and emerge together and triumphant.

© Diane Lee Wing

The Raft

Waves of reality rush in, cold and wet,  fantasy the only life vest.

How often I retreat from the pounding surf of frustration

Before I reach acceptance --The shoreline of my life a temporary fixture

Grains of sand removed with each disappointment

Stones and sharp shells revealed beneath the soft glaze of love

Sadness, like seaweed, floating on top of a false bravado.

The clouds over the ocean, shroud the seascape with sorrow

The hope of sun betrayed by a mood of discontent.

Then you come to me, the storm retreats below the horizon

My heart swells to the stroke of your hand, the waters calm once again.
© Diane Lee Wing

©2018 Diane Wing