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Insight Stones® Combo Course and Kit


Insight Stones® is a tool of divination of my own creation.  It came to me in a flash as I was flying back from Chicago one afternoon in 2007.  I saw the board in my mind’s eye, I knew which stones needed to be in the kit, and wrote the guidebook before the plane landed.  Once home, I designed the board and did the layout for the guidebook.  Insight Stones® came into being as a unique, highly accurate tool to add to your magickal toolbox. Check out Insight Stones® here.

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Insight Stones® has gotten rave reviews!

“An amazing system of applied metaphysics.”
“Much easier and more intuitive than Tarot.”
“Incredibly accurate!”

The 2-hour course teaches students how to use Insight Stones as a tool of divination and deep understanding.  Techniques for getting information from the board include use with the stones and pendulum.  Journaling is also discussed.

The cost is $25 for the course alone.  Save $5 when you purchase both the course and your copy of Insight Stones (retail price $35) for $55!

This class shows you how to get the most out of this oracle.


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