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Insight Stones® Game


What If You Could Receive Guidance In 7 Minutes Or Less Around Exactly What's Troubling YOU Right Now?  You Can!

Insight Stones® is an easy, inexpensive tool that targets the vibrations around your question and provides quick clarity so you are able to move forward with certainty.   You may think having so many options on the board and possible combinations (stones, trees, colors, planets, and seasons) is just as confusing as the decision you are trying to receive guidance around.  But here's what's really important: Your Insight Stones guidebook provides instructions, examples, and interpretations that make it easy to understand and interpret the messages that come through the stones.  This IS the life-guide instruction book you've been searching for! You'll be tapping into your intuitive gifts within minutes after following the simple guidelines.  So just imagine …  everything becomes easier when you use this insightful tool … much easier than to continue living with your struggles and unanswered questions, yes? (A huge life-altering return for such a small investment.)



 How to tap into your intuitive abilities and receive immediate answers using Insight Stones®

Clear guidance and insight is just a stone’s throw away with Insight Stones®.  You can gain a deeper understanding of yourself, others, and your surroundings using seven vibrant gemstones as your guide.  Here’s all you have to do …

Pour the stones into your hand from the velvet pouch and you will immediately feel the energy waiting to provide you with guidance on your important issues.  Then, ask for a message about what’s important to you right now and then simply toss the stones onto the mystical 7-pointed star in the center of the board.

As you look at where the stones land, see which one stands out most to you and start there.  With that stone in mind open the guidebook to the stone interpretation page and look up the color of the stone and read the vibrations it represents.  For example, if the yellow gemstone is the one that caught your eye first, in the book you’ll see a yellow dot so you’ll know that it is a Citrine Stone. As you read through the Citrine keyword and other vibrational aspects of the stone, sense which one speaks to you in relation to your question

Then look to see where the stone landed:

Did it land on a tree, planet, season, or color?  Look up the corresponding section …, if it landed on Oak, then read the interpretation for that tree and see which of its meanings feels most connected to your situation.  Combine the meanings of Citrine and Oak relation to your question and you will be provided with your answer! It’s that easy and that powerful!

Do this for each of the stones that lands on the board.  Any that fall outside of the board are not needed to give you the answer to your question right now.

What’s so fantastic about this is that you can use this insightful tool alone or with friends and loved ones.

When you choose to use Insight Stones® on your own it’s really amazing to keep an Insight Stones® journal  This really allows you to move away from simply writing down what happened during your day and go deep into psychological, situational, and spiritual aspects of important life questions to gain new perspectives, answers that support you in moving forward in your life rather than just staying where you are.

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