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Package Deal: Sacred Grove




The Sacred Grove

Wandering through the woods you come upon a sanctuary; a peaceful clearing that murmurs ancient secrets. The sounds of the waterfall beckon you to sit awhile and contemplate the transformations that await. In this secret hideaway, you are protected by Forest Magick and granted safe passage into the depths of your true self, body, mind, and spirit. Your journey begins now!

The present:

You feel frazzled, burned out, confused. Step into the Sacred Grove and get nurtured, healed, and balanced. In the protection of the Sacred Grove, you can safely transform and experience immediate relief, guidance, and tools to get centered, rooted, and grounded. It’s time to get in touch with your sacred self and get to know who you are at this stage of your life and at the core of your being. Only then can you start to vision and see what’s possible. If you don’t know where to start, the Sacred Grove is the perfect place for you.
The transformation:

Get an objective look at where you are now in relation to where you want to be
Explore immediate concerns and identify those that hold you back
Get rid of fear, doubt, and worry
Lose the anxiety and clear the depression
Understand the energies around you and remove the drama
Get clear on what motivates you toward your goals
Determine which beliefs, behaviors, and relationships block or bolster your life

The future:

Feel calm, clear, and focused
Confidence and self-trust
Sense of peace
Feel inspired to move forward

In this 3-month program, you receive:

Three 1-hour private transformational sessions to reveal the energies in your life and how they are impacting your wellbeing, to support your transition, and see the beautiful transformations that have occurred.
One 3-month subscription to Pathways, so you can get answers to questions 24/7.
Wing Academy of Unfoldment independent E-Learning courses:
o Energetic Overwhelm: A Course for Empaths
o Psychic Self Defense
o Removing Blocks to Manifesting
o Putting Yourself First Without The Guilt
A copy of The True Nature of Energy: Transforming Anxiety into Tranquility
Access to the Sacred Grove online group
I’m ready to transform

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