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Package Deals: Forest Wings


Soar through the forest and above the trees. This is the most advanced level where we spend the most time together working to release your magick into the world. We will hone your unique inner magick, message, and gifts, and work to make the vision real. Recognize your true light, your magnificence, and your gifts and then express it and release it into the world and your life. Fly out of the forest to go out and share your gifts and spread your wisdom and message.

Know your purpose
Develop a plan to bring your vision into reality
Heightened evolution
Develop perpetual insight
Ignite passion
Set intentions
Discern energies around you
Feel inspired
Feel motivated to take action
Create a life of joyful self-expression

In this 1-year program you get:

Twelve 1-hour private transformational sessions
Email support
One VIP day planning session
One year subscription to Pathways
Solar Return chart interpretation to get you focused on your personal new year energies
Homework that supports your goals
Wing Academy independent E-Learning classes:
o Putting Yourself First: Advanced Energetics



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