Spiritual Implications of the 2016 Election

With the recent events and passionate reactions to the election, today’s show will focus on the spiritual implications and the deeper meanings of what has transpired. We’ll seek to understand these events in an effort to work toward healing. We’ll be discussing the lessons and the meanings from several spiritual perspectives with my special guests: Dr. […]

The Heart of the Matter with Charlotte Spicer

Charlotte Spicer is a contemporary spiritual teacher, psychic medium, energetic healer, and dream analyst. She became a student of metaphysics by the age of ten after numerous paranormal experiences as a child. Throughout her teens, she worked to hone her energetic skills but focused primarily on the analysis and interpretation of energy. She has been […]

The essence of David Young's Music

David Young is a twice Grammy-nominated, transformational musician who has recorded 57 albums, sold over 1,000,000 copies, written three books and plays two Renaissance flutes at one time. Young's music is used daily by over 10,000 wellness centers, hospitals, and healers of all modalities; Reiki masters, physical therapists, acupuncturists and psychics mediums who call his […]

Find Your Way to Happiness with David Clarke

Find Your Way to Happiness - Radio host and author David Clarke interviews Author Diane Wing on his show "Different Strokes for Different Folks" about her latest book The Happiness Perspective: Seeing Your Life Differently. They discuss the conditions that promote happiness and ways you can have the happiness you want and deserve.

Music as a Spiritual Path with Tony Natale

Drummer/songwriter/producer Tony Natale is an international musician who has worked with many well-known artists. Tony's new album, “The Camden Promise,” is one of inspiration and enlightenment. Tony believes that music is intended to inspire, enlighten, and uplift the listener. This was his intent while composing his new album.  His mission is to spread peace and […]

Believe & Receive with Melissa Alvarez

Melissa Alvarez, author of Believe and Receive: Find the Law that Works for You is my guest as we discuss the natural laws and how everyone can tap into them to improve their lives and aid their spiritual growth. Melissa is a bestselling, award-winning author who has written ten books and nearly five hundred articles on […]