Divine Purpose with Cynthia Yoder

Discover basic principles in following your purpose. We discuss what is purpose and why it matters. Find ways to tell when you are “off purpose” or “on purpose.” Purpose can be a guiding light to our every step and give us meaning and a sense of fulfillment. This segment will give you some easy questions […]

Connecting with Nature with Ariel Monserrat

Ariel Monserrat is the editor and publisher of Green Egg, the oldest Pagan magazine still in production. Ariel discusses the importance of “connecting to nature” and shares her daily practices that help her stay connected to the earth. She believes this connection is vital to our well-being.

Healing with Dreams with Kat O'Keefe Kanavos

Kat's book, Surviving Cancerland, went to #6 in Oncology books on Amazon just after we recorded this interview. Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos believes dreams can diagnose your life. Kat survived three cancers diagnosed by her dreams. She is an author, inspirational speaker, columnist, and radio host. On today’s program, we’ll be discussing dreams that diagnose life.

Channeled Writings with Jean Gerson-Greer

Psychic author Jean Gerson-Greer discusses how she became aware of her ability to tap into Source and shares how you can connect with Spirit and open to the answers you seek. She also gives an inside look at her books and the messages held within them.

Bartering & Bipolar Disorder with Don Wooldridge

Diane Wing interviews Don Wooldridge, author of the trilogy, The Secrets of Clayton County. Join us as we discuss bartering as community culture, his ever-present challenges with bipolar disorder, and the protection he receives from his guardian angel, Sammy.