Channeled Writings with Jean Gerson-Greer

Psychic author Jean Gerson-Greer discusses how she became aware of her ability to tap into Source and shares how you can connect with Spirit and open to the answers you seek. She also gives an inside look at her books and the messages held within them.

Bartering & Bipolar Disorder with Don Wooldridge

Diane Wing interviews Don Wooldridge, author of the trilogy, The Secrets of Clayton County. Join us as we discuss bartering as community culture, his ever-present challenges with bipolar disorder, and the protection he receives from his guardian angel, Sammy.

Past Lives with Anne Preciado Rich

Author Anne Preciado Rich explores the fascinating world of past lives in her new book, My 333rd Life on Planet Earth. Her extensive research comes to life in this fictional exploration, and we discuss her inspiration for the book, along with her insightful discoveries.

Heal Your Money Wounds with Sharon Hess

Today, my special guest is Sharon Hess, an intuitive money healer and spiritual advisor. We'll discuss money wounds and where they come from. Sharon will share how to find true abundance and recognize your value and worth, while creating from a place of conscious awareness.

Connecting To Your Feminine Essence with Lyn Hicks

Women today are living in their minds and forgetting their bodies and its power of intuition. As we come to this new time where woman have more power and wealth, it is now time to bring our unique blend and gift of our emotional, heartfelt living to business and more importantly to our lives daily.

Transformational Energies with Dyan Garris

Dyan Garris is a visionary mystic, voice recognition psychic, and trance channel medium who reads directly from the Akashic Records. She is also a composer, author, and artist. Today we’ll be discussing transformational energies, how they affect people, and strategies to make the most of your life in the changing energetic environment.