Take a Summer Reading Vacation

Diane Wing

With summer around the corner, vacation time is on most people's minds. Physically going to a faraway place isn't an option for many, but it's possible for everyone to journey in their minds to fantastic places, real and imagined. I've done it by taking "reading vacations." This is where I would select five books, fiction, and non-fiction, and with a cold drink and hammock at the ready, I read my way through vacation week. Some summers began by heading to the used bookstore and loading up on desired titles to spend intimate hours reading on hot summer days and warm evenings.

Not only is it relaxing, but it's stimulating as well - escape, learn, or create with the countless books at your disposal. For those of us who can't get enough of our favorite authors and topics, this is the ideal way to spend time off. It's great for kids, too. Go to the local park, the closest beach, or your own backyard and travel beyond boundaries in a state of reading bliss. I'd love to hear about your summer reading list, so drop me a line.

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