Diane Wing

Diane has been amazing

Diane has been amazing help and support for me. The first time I went to meet with her, I felt like I knew her already, she was so sweet and made me feel so comfortable. She understood everything I was going through and helped me understand exactly what I was experiencing and how to handle it. Before going to Diane I was very nervous sometimes scared about what I was experiencing because I did not know how to control anything, most nights I couldn’t even sleep peacefully. After working with her I feel like I have control over everything, I am not afraid anymore, I sleep better and I feel very safe after using some techniques she taught me. She is an amazing, compassionate person, I felt like she truly cared about me as a person. I would love to keep going to her and learn some more! l have noticed a very positive change in my life.

Melissa L. Clinton, NJ

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