Diane Wing

I’ve been through years of professional therapy

I’ve been through years of professional therapy and taken many, many workshops and seminars, etc., but this is the first time I’ve really felt I’ve been helped and changed.  Usually it’s been – “well that had some good points,” but I still feel stuck and unmotivated to go further.  This time I want to continue to work on myself and continue to grow and change.   You are a wonderful mentor, and I very much look forward to continuing to work with you.  (MORE CLASSES!!!)

If you feel let down by previous “self-discovery” type classes, don’t despair! Diane helps you look into even the darkest parts of yourself in a safe and supportive environment. You come away feeling cleansed and energized . . . and ready to continue healing and changing your life. Your new path leads you out of the woods and to the Forest Witch . . . a path where you will learn to love, honor and appreciate yourself.     [Recent graduate of Putting Yourself First…Without The Guilt II]

Many blessings to you

Maggie Patzuk Norristown, PA

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